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This FREE GirlTribe workshop will teach you how to rewrite your money story so you can start making money easily while living in flow.

 If you are ready to finally start earning money like a Queen, join GirlTribe Founders Robyn Savage + Jaclyn Shaw for this FREE Online Workshop! 

Chances are you’re just one small pivot away from starting to make money in your business or at your dream job. You can smell the fresh dolla bills, you can see your dream house, you can taste the champagne on your lips…

But it’s just not coming through! We get it, #beenthere.

Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe it’s booking your first high paying client…however you’re waiting to get paid, we’re going to reveal what’s stopping you.

This workshop is your missing link to living a life of total abundance. You ready? Get ready, babe, money is about to flow!


During this FREE workshop, you will:

  • Identify your old money mindset and subconscious beliefs about money
  • Learn why your business isn't booking clients, selling products, or getting you paid!
  • Shift out of the money mindset that is keeping you living paycheck to paycheck
  • Discover your WORTH so you can start earning like a boss
  • Create NEW money goals that are aligned with your highest self (the Universe doesn't want you to be broke, the Universe only supports your highest good, which is abundant in all ways)
  • Understand what it means to UP LEVEL so you can take your life, bank account, and joy to the next f*cking level
  • Get in total alignment with you money goals


Are you ready?

Are you ready to learn about the energy of money so you can easily attract all that you need to live the life of your dreams?

We thought so! Which is exactly why we’re here for you - to show you how making money can become easy, peaceful, and even FUN! Seriously.  

Where you're likely going wrong are your current beliefs around money. Some old story you tell yourself about how HARD money has to be, how HARD you have to work to make money, and how HARD it is to save money!

But here's a hint: money isn't supposed to be HARD! And during this workshop, we'll help you shift out of the old money mindset that is keeping you stuck.


Money will flow easily, joyfully, and plentifully to you when our work is done.

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