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We are a community of likeminded babes on a journey to live authentic, healthy, abundant lives! GirlTribe is here to provide YOU with the tools, resources, and soulful connections you need to take the next big (or baby) step in your life. Whether you are looking to get healthy and start practicing self love, become a leader in your community, and/or build a booming business - we've got you SERIOUSLY covered!!!

Here's how:

1. Looking to engage with a community of rad chicks who will support, uplift, encourage, and inspire you on a daily basis? Here! Join our online community. It's free, fabulous, and super FUN!!

2. Are you ready to find your authentic voice and become a leader in your community? Do you have something to share but you're not quite sure how to get your voice heard? Want to make a little extra money on the side by doing something you LOVE? Become a GirlTribe Leader! (LINK TO THE LEARN PAGE)

3. Ready to be a #girlboss? Excited to start a biz with a whole TRIBE of women? Passionate about creating a life you love and earning the money to SUPPORT IT? The best part? Not only do you get to start your OWN biz, but you also get a whole team of leaders to teach you HOW, every step of the way. Come on then, let's build you an empire. Learn how! (LINK TO EARN PAGE)

Want to know more about our tribe and see how it all started? Watch this short video!! (LINK THE VIDEO FROM THE HOMEPAGE)