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Watch our GirlTribe Biz Associate video (above), and get stoked!
You finally found a tribe that gets you and a business that feels good
This video is going to break down WHAT we do, WHY we do it, and HOW we do it.
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(Is your right brain in need of more specifics? Check out this link for a diagram to find out how we make money.
Your wellness package is tailored to suit your individual goddess needs and it's FULL of goodies that will instantly activate your wellness and support your entrepreneurial lifestyle. 
Once you purchase your start-up package, you get immediate access to high-level business coaching and our private #girlboss forum. 
Get ready to grow! Your income, community, and overall health just took a giant leap in the direction of #HELLYAS. 
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Start Sharing, Thriving, and Earning.
Upon joining the tribe, you'll receive everything you need to operate your GirlTribe biz and get paid. 
You'll begin our eight week "Rock your Biz Bootcamp" - an EXCLUSIVE offer to our GirlTribe Biz Associates.
You'll be instantly connected to over 150+ badass boss babes in our private forum who are now your biz partners! How cool is that? 
Register for the next start date of the Spirit Course - our six week online digital course that will have you deep diving into all things mind-body-spirit (retails for $820USD and obviously you get this for FREE!)
Start earning an income that that's true and authentic to you! 

    All that's left to do is send us your deets & we will be welcoming you to the tribe within moments!