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Robyn Savage

On the west coast of Canada tucked into a cozy home in the mountains with her two daughters, husband, and pup, Robyn Savage dreams up big ideas and brings them to life! At a young age, Robyn lost her mother to suicide which shaped the way she saw the world. As a result of her tragic loss, she set out on a mission to live life as wildly and free as she possibly could. She set out on a spiritual adventure to find joy in everything, even the darkness of grief, doubt, abandonment, and fear. As she grew from child to adult, this became part of her personal mantra: to help every woman before and after her create lives they love! But let's get serious, it's not all rainbows and sunshine, and Robyn wants you to be able to see the beauty in life even when shit gets real.

As a soulful entrepreneur, she runs a successful event planning company that allows her to visualize and execute stunning weddings for clients from all over the world! Her role as Owner & Creative Director of Blue Violet Events has taught her the value of human relationships, clear communication, dedication to seeing plans through from “vision to reality”, and most importantly - the value of taking the risk to become your own boss to create a life you love! 

After a challenging couple of years through her mid-twenties spent learning the hard way, both professionally & personally, Robyn was awakened one night by a dream. A clear, vivid, purposeful dream to provide women with the tools they require to become the Queen of their own lives. If she could hit rock bottom and find the light in order to create a life she loved, surely every woman was capable of doing the same - getting heathy, finding love, embracing self-forgiveness, accepting tragic loss, forming cracks in the dark to make space for light, becoming a boss, creating abundance, traveling the World! This is a reality every woman can co-create! With this in mind, she snuck out of bed on that warm night in June and cuddled up with her journal and a big idea. She masterfully wrote the business plan for what would soon become a global education platform for women. GirlTribe was born - then grew up and became FEMME (the grown ass version of GirlTribe) in June 2019.  

Soon after, Robyn began speaking publicly about her journey as a female entrepreneur, sharing how her Mother's suicide shaped her future, and teaching women how to use vulnerability as a means to connect.

Since June 2015, GirlTribe (now FEMME) has influenced thousands of women all over the world to rise up as the Goddess of her own Kingdom! Robyn’s engaging and personal style of leadership has attracted thousands of women to join her and take ownership of their desires, bank accounts, mental & physical health, goals and relationships! The divine feminine is truly united & empowered through the collaboration of this community.  

Robyn is an advocate for authenticity, a working mama, an adventure seeker, a spirited entrepreneur, a writer and a leader in healthy living! She is a seeker of friendship, a total lover of spontaneous trips (even to the grocery store), and an enthusiast for all things FUN! Always striving to find the synergy between give and take, the balance between salad and fries, and the fun in creating joy (for herself and thousands of women) every single day!

Robyn believes collaboration is a gift, and welcomes all opportunities & ideas to empower female communities around the world. Have an idea? Please reach out! Robyn is also available to lead workshops, provide one-on-one mentorship, and to speak at your next event! She is also available for wine dates, phone chats, and coffee early in the morning :) 

You can reach Robyn by email at


Jaclyn Shaw

(Jak) is a wildly passionate soulpreneur who gave up living in one place to explore the world (okay, mostly beaches) with her young family. Momma to Kane and Sloan, Jak often finds herself with a babe on her hip and hustle in her heart - a lifestyle that she considers the bulls eye of give and take. Deeply ingrained in her soul is the belief that every woman is able to show up brighter and give MORE when they take care of themselves first. "Do you believe you're worth it?" is a question you will often hear Jak ask her clients and soul sisters alike! 

Jaclyn's entrepreneurial journey began with a kids clothing store in the heart of downtown Toronto. Mixing her love for little babes + high fashion was a dream come true... until her little man, Kane, came rockin' into the world. Barely two months into her working mama journey, Jak decided something had to change, and fast! Following her intuition (as always), Jak closed the doors of her business for good and set out on a new mission. The mission to create a business platform that enabled women like her, to fulfill their ambitious spirit, without sacrificing time that could be spent doing the things they loved the most, with the people they loved the most. Her vision was to give these women the ability to create their freedom lifestyle,  so they could turn around and do the things that fuel their soul.

Since joining forces with Robyn and FEMME, Jaclyn has embarked on many journeys - personal, professional, spiritual, global - she's traveled deeply inwards while simultaneously exploring beaches and jungles with her babes in tow. Jak is a huge believer in Universal energy and trusting there is more to this life than the daily grind! Inspired to help other momma's find their divine power and create lives are wildly passionate about, Jaclyn is determined to lead every single woman to a place of personal power, expression, and develop a deep trust in miracles! 

Always up for a glass of red or an earl grey tea (hold the milk!), Jak is keen to connect with likeminded women that cross her path! After all, there is power in numbers and unity is how we move mountains! Together with FEMME, Jak is certain she can change the way women own their self worth and embrace their power of choice.

Are you a woman looking to get connected and dive in? Let's make magic! You are WORTH it! You DESERVE it!!

Jaclyn is available for speaking engagements, one-on-one mentorship, and collaborations around the world! Most likely to SAY YES if there is a dance party involved!!

You can reach Jaclyn at