About Us

Meet Jak & Rob,

Otherwise known as, The Duo!

Together, Jak + Rob make up the most dynamic, energetic, and powerful partnership in the coaching industry! You can usually find them recording The Femme Podcast, coaching live inside their Wild Femmes Facebook group, or spitting raw truth + shakin’ their booties over on Instagram!

Jak is a wildly passionate Soulpreneur + Human Design Connoisseur. She’s known for gifting you new perspectives (from victim to goddess) and helping you, not only shift out of limiting beliefs but, rise from greatness to greatness. As a human design expert, she guides her clients to step into energetic alignment, strip away the 'shoulds' in life and business, and un-apologetically show up in their power.

Robyn’s fierce passion for storytelling + vulnerability is the driving force behind helping her clients bring more of them SELVES into their brands + businesses! As an expert copywriter + creative content creator, her goal is to help female entrepreneurs connect with soul clients by pairing authentic language + effective brand strategies. Her knack for bringing words to her client’s visions is helping women around the world thrive in life + business!

This duo is everything to watch out for! Wealth, Power + Pussy, the Femme way.

Are you here for it?