For the wild woman ready to rise

Soul Coaching

Feeling ready for a shift but not sure what direction to go? Is your intuition trying to get your attention but you don't know how to listen? Feeling stuck in lack mentality and ready to shift towards abundance? We got you covered, babe. All of this work is for your soul and will put you in closer alignment to your truth. Woo mixed with practical, everyday rituals that will serve you wherever you're at on your soul journey.

  • The Spirit Course

    The educational, deeply soulful, and electric Spirit Course will teach you how to fuel your body, connect with your inner She, manifest your dreams, and let go of self limiting beliefs! In other words, transform you into a total Goddess.

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  • Let That Sh*t Go

    You’re gonna learn how to let go of literally everything (you didn’t even know) that’s been holding you back. LET GO of control, the need for (constant) approval, expectations (you place on yourself and others), lack mindset and a whole lot more.

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  • Manifest that Sh*t

    What if....just out of curiosity, you decided to give manifesting a real, all in, go? What's the worst that could happen? You manifest an extra $500 bucks? You meet a new guy? You score a free coffee? Manifesting is an opportunity to receive. When you say yes to *MANIFEST THAT SH*T*, you'll open the floodgates.

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