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  • Blueprint to Riches

    Ready to stop doing so much guess work in your biz? Ready to trade in hours of googling "how to" videos for drinks with your gals? Ready for a morning inbox full of clients and prospects, rather than freebies marketing that gets you nowhere? This group coaching program will give your biz a massive makeover in just 4 months.

  • Start Here Bundle

    Everything you need to grow a profitable business you LOVE. Get all 5 start here courses for the price of 3 - that means you're getting 2 full courses FREE. You'll receive FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to these five signature FEM/Me courses: • Brand It • Brand Stories • Dream Client • Get Social • Automate It

  • Brand It

    Everything you need to create a recognizable & profitable brand. Define it, get behind it, share it.

  • Dream Clients

    Start speaking directly to the people who want to buy from you. This course is going to teach you how to ATTRACT YOUR DREAM CLIENTS with ease!.

  • Brand Stories

    Take the guesswork out of your brand’s identity and get confident in how to connect directly with your dream clients through storytelling.

  • Get Social

    Everything you need to get VISIBLE, CONNECTED & PAID on the socials.