10 Ways to Make this Holiday Miraculous

Okay. Let’s go back for a hot minute. The holidays were originally started as the holy days. The times when the Jews needed oil for 8 days, and their one day supply miraculously lasted. Jesus needed to feed the masses with one loaf of bread, and he did it. The masters of the far East needed to get to remote villages to provide healing and feasts...and they did.

But let’s face it. That miraculous energy can get a little lost under the stress of back-to-back holiday events and gift giving. Right?

Well, allow us to invite you to take a step back from the stresses of this season, and slip back into that magical energy and sense of divinity this time of year can truly offer up.

How you ask? Cultivate yourself, of course! And here’s how:

10 Ways to Make this Holiday Miraculous

  1. Everyone loves coffee (and if you don’t, well, I can’t relate).  Here’s a great way to spread a little bit of serious joy to strangers this holiday. Get a gift card at your favorite coffee shop and have the barista use it to ring everyone up until the card runs out.Giving anonymously is sort of like making out with a stranger- it feels really f8cking exciting in the moment, and you won’t regret it later.

  1. You know those noodles you’ve been looking at in your cupboard for three years that you SWEAR you’re gonna cook one day, but let’s face it, you NEVER will? That keto diet is just too good. Well,take some food in your home that you’re not eating, cook it, toss it into tupperwares, and go hand it out to anyone in your area who looks like they could use a warm meal. When I lived in Toronto, there was this man I would walk by every single morning - same time, same place. During the colder months, I would always pack him an extra bagel, a muffin, even warm soup in a mason jar - and everytime I shared the gift of food with him, his eyes literally filled with comfort and connection. Food, afterall, is the gift of love.

  1. Give the gift of warmth (to someone in need) and the gift of decluttering (to yourself!) Go through your closet and gather up anything that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. For real, nothing will feel as good as it does toDECLUTTER and GIFT the clothes you’re not wearing anymore. Our best tip? Take them to the closest women’s shelter near you to support our sister’s in need.

  1. When I was in New York for Christmas in 2011, I got the chance to volunteer at a Food Bank to help serve up a big holiday dinner. All I did was clear plates off the tables, but I got to watch people come together. I got to be part of a community I usually feel disconnected from. I got to see what happens when people truly help each other out and join hands. I got to see that we’re all equal.Google the nearest food bank, shelter, or church hosting a holiday meal near you - and reach out! See how you canlend a hand and experience this magic first hand.

  1. We all know stocking stuffers are usually junk. Right? Does your Dad really need another toothbrush? Does your boyfriend reaaaaally need a fourth stick of deodorant? Nah. They don’t. Instead of hitting up the dollar store, here’s how you can create a mini miracle.Pick a charity that supports a cause you are super passionate about and take the money you would have otherwise spent of stocking stuffers, and donate it there. Make a little card to put in the stocking explaining why there’s a few less chocolates and toiletries floating around the house this year. Worth it!

  1. Who was your biggest mentor from 2018? Think about it. Was there a yoga teacher who deeply inspired you? A colleague who pushed you? A friend who supported you through a really tough time? Write them a little letter telling them how they’ve served you this year.Say thank you. Encourage them to do the same for someone else by sharing how greatly they affected you. This is how we can all make the world a better place.

  1. For any gifts you give, buy them from small, local companies in your area. Imagine the artisan who made this item and knowyou're supporting a DREAM, not buying a THING.

  1. Have tea with your neighbours. Leave your phone at home, and just have fun getting to know each other better.Community is a powerful thing and often we forget we have the power to cultivate it. All it takes is an invitation.

  1. Take a trash bag on your family walk and pick up any litter you see.Mother Nature is a year round giver, helping her out will contribute to the greater good for all of us. (Thank you in advance!)

  1. Okay, this one might be slightly biased (as I write this with a baby strapped to my chest and a toddler taking a nap - ha!) But let’s face it.As a mama, nothing is a valuable as a little free time for self care, sex, or a hot coffee out!Offer free childcare to your friends with kids so they can go out and have a date! A date with themselves, with their journal, or with their partner. I promise this will score you BIG BONUS POINTS if that’s what you’re after ;)


Big Love & Merry Christmas Goddesses!!