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10 Books to Initiate Your Connection to Spirit

The 10 of mine and Jak's favourite books that sparked curiosity and helped us take our SPIRIT GAME to the next level. Rise up sister! See what your soul has to offer, I promise the depths of your beauty will continue to amaze you as you walk fiercely inwards to discover all that you are Read more →

How to Manifest in an Instant (without crystals & angel cards)

The beauty of learning to ask the Universe for things is that they actually start to show up! Recognize your desires, ask the Universe to serve you, surrender, and stay open with a trusting heart. This is how the Universe likes to communicate - with open hearts and clear instruction.  Read more →

How I learned to fully love in my marriage again

"Wait, what? Aren’t husband and wife just naturally placed in the category of things that go together”…not in my experience. But this is the story of how my man and I have created a little container that only we belong in…a place that works for us. Read more →

A letter to my 32 year old self

Because there, at that place within myself that knows I am made of pure love - I can be the loving, creative, light, generous, inspiring, wild hearted, contagious, successful, sensual, compassionate woman I was born to be. I can change the world from this place.


Read more →