Welcome to FEMME

In the name of independence, in the name of FREEDOM, I was losing myself. And quick.But sometimes, the thing that brings you the most joyis the thing that requires the most diligence, dedication and devotion.
You have the choice to create a life full of peace.So, I’m sharing a little note with you. It’s a prayer I have called on many times throughout my life. It’s personal & powerful, and I know it will serve you the same way it has served me over the years - as a catalyst for my own well being.
"Will you do what's easy, or will you follow your heart and make the tough choices?" And so the story begins... the day that I chose passion over comfort waking up my WHOLE LIFE as I let myself be pulled by the things I love.

Two years ago I was KILLING myself trying to stay in control of everything. I was losing my mind with too much on my plate and not enough FLOW in my life. I realized I’d have to learn how to let go if I was going to fully LIVE my life and find JOY in every day. So I ripped the bandaids off, one by one, letting go of control piece by piece.

Whatever you can’t let go of is the exact same thing holding you back from receiving miracles from the Universe. The humbling practice of letting go has set me free and allowed me to be open to opportunities and seeing things differently.

I don’t know about you, but when I lack self-confidence in a situation, my initial reaction is to seek approval from other people. As a woman, I’m almost certain this is common practice? But it ain’t pretty. Grab a piece of paper, let's work through this mess of emotion.
Self-love is a JOURNEY and these 3 exercises will help you navigate these waters. See the things you overcame, honor the critical choices you made, and high five yourself for breathing LIFE into your dreams.
If there's one thing I know aboutchange, it's that it's not always easy. Most of the time it comes with a lot of discomfort, fear and anxiety, miscommunication, and financial strain. Whatever the season, these tools will help you feel secure, safe, and in your power as you transition into whatever awaits.
The 10 of mine and Jak's favourite books that sparked curiosity and helped us take our SPIRIT GAME to the next level. Rise up sister! See what your soul has to offer, I promise the depths of your beauty will continue to amaze you as you walk fiercely inwards to discover all that you are
The beauty of learning to ask the Universe for things is that they actually start to show up! Recognize your desires, ask the Universe to serve you, surrender, and stay open with a trusting heart. This is how the Universe likes to communicate - with open hearts and clear instruction. 
"Wait, what? Aren’t husband and wife just naturally placed in the category of things that go together”…not in my experience. But this is the story of how my man and I have created a little container that only we belong in…a place that works for us.

Because there, at that place within myself that knows I am made of pure love - I can be the loving, creative, light, generous, inspiring, wild hearted, contagious, successful, sensual, compassionate woman I was born to be. I can change the world from this place.