Your Highest Self: What that means and how to find her

The other day my daughters and I were sharing the perfect afternoon. The spring sun was shining warm in our backyard, and (aside from a fussy baby), I was feeling lit up in the all the right ways. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a really beautiful version of myself…” and I did something I’ve never done before. It felt kinda like a kids craft for adults…and it was the best.

I wrote out (okay, I doodled) all of the things that define and align with my highest self. Everything that lights me up, I wrote down. I doodled the sh*t out the things that make me happy, and I was surprised by some of the things that came flowing out of me. I got soooo excited by some of the discoveries I made about my best self and started immediately brainstorming about ways to spend more time indulging in these simple pleasures.

What happens when you allow yourself to lean into who you are as a woman?

What happens when you invite yourself to discover more about what pleasures you?

What happens when you spend time investigating how you could welcome JOY into your life more often?

I’ll tell you…

When you start investing in pleasurable activities, you begin to align yourself with the things you desire and want more of.

If you keep yourself shut off to the things your soul desires, you will create a wall that literally shuts them out.

This is no bueno.

Because we want you to have the things you desire in this lifetime.

So today, I invite you to make a hot drink (mine was a chaga chai tea) and get out your children’s markers (What? You don’t have Crayolas laying around? No problem, just get a pen, highlighters, whatever works for you) and curl up with your favourite notebook or journal. Best if you can crack a window, do a little dance to elevate your spirit, sing a song at the top of your lungs…or meditate. You know - something that feels good deep in that beautiful soul of yours.

Because you’re about to get to know your highest self…in other words, the woman you want to become.

Follow these steps:

1. In the middle of a blank piece of paper, write ‘MY HIGHEST SELF’ (or another term for your most whole and fully expressed self that aligns with you).

2. Begin to free write about all of the activities/people/things/places that light you up.

3. Shut off your attachment to “realistic” desires and open you heart to explore your dream world instead. What comes up when you allow yourself to elaborate?

4. What are things on this list you could start incorporating into your everyday? For example…maybe you can’t book a trip to Spain tomorrow, but perhaps you can start listening to a travelling podcasts or spend time on your personal budget to save for a trip next fall. Or maybe you dream of having a veggie garden, and although you don’t have a yard, you could get some planter boxes and get your hands in the dirt.

5. Commit to awakening your highest self by doing ONE new thing a week on your list. Whether you dedicate 5 minutes to Her, or a full day…every moment you invest in yourSELF is a moment that multiplies and magnifies into more of that which you desire.

Remember: You are made of energy, no literally. Everything you put into your life, you receive back x 10. Let this list of things you discover about your highest self become your roadmap for Spring for the next season of your life and watch your reality start to feel a whole lot lighter, more inspired, and fulfilled.

You are worthy of all these things. 

You are worthy of all that you desire.

And until you start to believe it, no one else will.

It starts with one breath, one decision, one yes.

What will your YES be in this moment?

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