The Power of Vulnerability in Biz {PART 2}

Last week I told you to "get out into the world, and you tell your story."

I wasn’t always a believer in this. So I’m going to tell you my story...

When I started GirlTribe in 2015, I had a vision (literally, in the middle of the night) to start a community for women that would provide them with the tools they needed to start businesses that lit them up and gave them freedom to live with joy and abundance.


At the time of this new idea, I was afraid of being judged for owning two companies. I felt like people would perceive that I had too much going on, that I wasn’t focused, that I wasn’t professional. So I hid behind the brand name not allowing people to see me, or get to knowme.

In the first year, I built a social media platform of over 10,000 followers without ever really telling them my name.

I had a Facebook group of over 2,000 women who had no idea what I was offering, they just liked my vibe.

I had ideas on ways to make money, but I was too afraid to share them.

So my business was grossing $0k revenue and I was struggling to find fulfillment in my work.

The most common question I got asked from the GirlTribe following was, “Who is this?” “I feel so connected to your message, but who are you?”. I got messages from women telling me how aligned they felt with our brand wanting to know more about who we were and asking how they could get involved….but I wasn’t offering them any form of connection, and I definitely wasn’t inviting them to invest.

This went on for nearly three years. Until I stepped into my role as a vulnerable, visible business owner and started telling my story.


So fast forward to sometime in 2018. By this time I had partnered with my now GirlTribe co-founder, Jaclyn Shaw, and we decided to step out of the vulnerability closet together. We decided to get clear on our offerings and share our story as business owners.

We shared our process.

We talked openly about our failures.

The investments and advertising dollars that lost us money.

The employees that didn’t quite cut it.

The failed launches and products that we could have sworn were gonna work!

We got real about our own beliefs, processes, and rights of passage to figuring out what DID work…

And we laid italllllllllllll on the table. With grace, with dignity, with self confidence.We shared our story knowing that there were other women out there who needed to know where we had been so that they could rise too.

This is the thing about stories - they give people power! They give people HOPE.

By being honest with our community, followers, and dream clients - they could all of the sudden relate to us! They could say, “Holy shit! These women are just like me. They’ve been through the trial and error. They’re real women too. They started at the bottom just like I have...and you know what? They’ve figured it out. I want to learn from them, I want to be on the same path they’re on. I want to invest in these women because I want to do what they’ve done, and I believe in them.”

Vulnerability invites your people in.

Vulnerability makes you relatable.

Vulnerability gives you a superpower that no one else has…

Your story.

Your differentiating factors.

Your competitive edge.

Jak and I leaned into vulnerability in a serious way starting December 2017. By January 2018 (one month later) we had brought in $42,000 in sales. By December 2018 (exactly one year later), we had brought in $260,000 worth of sales, and Voila! A profitable business is born from stepping out of the shadow.

A profitable business was born by flexing our human muscles and getting seen.

A profitable business was born by showing people “Hey! We’re just like you and we can teach you how to do this too!”

A profitable business was born the moment we decided to create an emotional connection with our potential clients, step out from behind our computer screens and get real with our communities. When we decided to stop trying to be perfect, to stop doing it like everyone else in our industry, and to be honest about who we were, what we believed in, and how we were committed to make change for our customers.

Vulnerability isn’t weakness when you use it to flex your human muscle and breathe life into your brand values.

Vulnerability is power when you make your customers feel something.

And you know what? When they’re out there scrolling the world wide web looking for something to consume, looking for a solution to their problem...if you’ve made them feel something, they’re going to remember you. They’re even going to talk about you! They’re going to spread your message for you. Talk about free marketing -word of mouth based on positive experience is an invaluable marketing tool. And with the power of storytelling in your tool belt - you can give someone an experience before they’ve ever spent a penny.

That Nike video I told you about last week? The one that moved me to tears and had me so engaged I remembered the tagline for the dance squad? I didn’t buy a thing from Nike, yet here I am... talking positively about their product, endorsing their brand.

I’ve done exactly what they want me to do...I’ve spread the word.

So I ask you!

Business owners - how are you showing up for your customers? Are you putting on a mask everyday and going through the motions? Are you following the rules trying to make sure you appeal to the masses?

Or are you out there spreading your truth, sharing your process, making your beliefs known…

Because I’ll tell you today’s marketplace...where every picture can be photoshopped, every experience can be curated, and every product can be mass produced...the one thing they can’t replicate is your story and the one person who can share it is you.

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Massive Love,