Three badass journaling exercises to let the self critic go, once and for all

Hey Soul Sister!

You may have read our Instagram post that talked about how important it is to celebrate yourSELF. Yesss, I know - this risks sounding a little (okay, a lot) cliche, but we have to talk about it! Why, you ask? It’s a really critical part of:

  1. Your self love journey. By the end of this article we want you saying, “F8ck yes, I’m worth celebrating!”
  1. Manifesting. You must be able to appreciate all that you’ve DONE in order to reach lofty future goals (keep reading)
  1. Staying motivated. Celebrating the little wins en route to achieving your “end goal” will give you momentum and help build your confidence along the way. And hey, every little bit counts, right?

When you look back in 2018, we want you to see the things you overcame, honour the critical choices you made, and high five yourself for breathing LIFE into your dreams - no matter what that looked like. But the truth is, a lot of us will spend more time and energy saying things like, “I’m not EXACTLY where I WANTED to be at the end of 2018, so I pretty much sucked at EVERYTHING”.


One failure amidst a sea of beautiful memories and life changing moments has enough power to blur the vision of your own greatness.

Think about that. Maybe even read it again. I think that’s pretty brutal, don’t you?

Despite failures, you should be your biggest fan, your most loyal advocate, the peppiest cheerleader on your own sideline!!

So why do you spend so much time wondering where you went wrong rather than finding things to be proud of?


Grab your journal and give this a shot. Not a journal keeper? Any scrap piece of paper will do!

Write yourself an apology letter for all of the mean things you’ve said about your 2018 self.
Make it sincere, specific, and personal!

“Dear self,
I’m sorry for treating you as a total failure as I look back on 2018. I realize I’ve generalized a few failures and seriously painted you out to be a lot worse off than you actually are. Here are some of the things I honour you for doing exceptionally well over the last year.....”

List your accomplishments! Accomplishments are not all measured in promotions, possessions or paycheques. Hell no!

Here at GirlTribe we measure accomplishments in feelings. Sounds weird, I know, but it all comes down to how GOOD you feel about something at the end of the day.

If you got married but you hate your husband - not exactly a win, right?

If you made a million dollars but you’re sick, sleep deprived, and have no friends left - still not a win.

If you got your dream job but you’re highly unmotivated, lacking passion, and bored of showing up at the office everyday - pffft, definitely not a win.

But let’s say your goal in 2018 was to fall in love. And although you never ended up finding your “perfect partner”, you DID start a business. Now this business may not take you on fancy dates or hold your hand at the movies, but it’s brought life to your everyday in other ways! It’s inspired you to create again.


It’s grown your community and helped you connect with mentors around the world. It’s fuelled your curiosity, and everyday when you login to your email you get butterflies in anticipation of what the day will bring. This business is your pulse! You obsess over serving your dream clients, you’re brimming with excitement, and it’s allowed you to bloom...wouldn’t you call this falling in love?

So, you didn’t find the perfect partner but you’re totally in love with this new business! You realize that although you’re still’re now HAPPY AND SINGLE! And guess what girlfriend? This means love now has space to enter your life and grow alongside you. This means your perfect partner will get to meet the new, evolved, wildly passionate and thriving you. Not the desperate, tired, lonely, seeking woman you were less than a year ago.


Which version of yourself would you be more likely to fall in love with?

So did you really “fail” at finding the perfect partner? Or did you perhaps take a beautiful step towards inviting love to find it’s way to you?

This is just an example, but it’s how we tend to generalize all of our failures - BIG, DISAPPOINTING, and UNWORTHY OF ANY RECOGNITION.

But the truth is, failure is guiding you on your highest path, assisting you when you’re ready to shift and uplevel. Mistakes highlight opportunities for growth and perseverance - for rewriting your story and changing the ending.

Once you learn to distinguish your failures as the gateway to “success” (or optimal happiness as I prefer to call it), then you can take yourself off the ‘2018 MOST HATED LIST’, and start giving yourself credit for the goddess you really are.

Once you start acknowledging yourself as a goddess and practicing self appreciation, your energetic frequency will start to rise....aka. you will start to feel happier, more confident, more willing, and more capable!! You will start to shift your vibes as a result of reducing negative self talk. Isn’t that amazing!! It’s amazing. And it’s really simple (with a little daily practice) to do.

SO WHAT, you ask? So everything, I say!! Let’s keep going.

When you raise your vibes and shift from negative self-talk to positive self-talk, you start to align yourself with the things you want to attract more of into your life.

What things do I mean?




Write a list of the feelings and desires you’re trying to manifest in 2019!

In order to became a magnet for the things you’re trying to manifest , you must become an energetic match for the that which you wish to receive.

That means you can’t call yourself a total failure and manifest one million dollars in your new business - because your beliefs are not aligned with your desires. Before you manifest ANYTHING, you must first believe you are worthy of that thing.

See how beating yourself up for everything creates a total energetic shit show?


You can start correcting this easily (TODAY!!) by giving yourself some credit....


By saying thank you to yourself for showing up each day.
By giving yourself a break and recognizing the challenges you overcame.

By saying out loud how proud of yourself you are for taking that ONE baby step.

Even little gestures and phrases like this will start to shift your mindset into that of self love, which will raise your vibes and grow your confidence, which will allow you to start trusting your path and manifesting the things you truly desire.

Life. Is. Circular.

So. Are. You.

The way you talk to yourself affects the way you live! Can you learn to be self appreciative this year?


Write down 10 things you appreciate yourself for.

Honestly, I know where you’re at with this. I am so guilty for this too! Just this year, Jak and I reached some major milestones in our business. Sure, we didn’t reach our “ultimate income” goal...but we grew our business from literally $0 profit to $250,000 in under 11 months. Did I celebrate? Hell no.
I didn’t celebrate along the way, ugh.
I forgot to celebrate other milestones we also reached, duh.
And I didn’t even realize what we HAD achieved until a week ago when jak asked me if I knew how much we earned in 2018.
Why didn’t I know how much we earned?
Because I was too stuck on the fact that it wasn’t the amount I set out to make. (Typical, “I didn’t get first place? I don’t even care about my results then, I blew it, I didn’t win”.)
And because I knew I wasn’t reaching my ballin’ goal ($20k/month income), I didn’t even care to inquire about what we HAD earned.

Anyone else relating to this mentality? I call this, “I didn’t get to be on Oprah, so I’m still a nobody” syndrome. GET OVER IT!!! Oprah will come when you are ready. In the meantime, keep taking giant strides in the right direction rather than throwing yourself a pitty party and hating on yourself. Can we please agree to that!?

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We are here for you! For the best version of yourself that you can grow to be, and the worse off version of yourself that is stuck in the shadows seeking light. We are here for ALL OF IT. With compassion, a little advice, and lots of shared experiences to help you navigate your everyday - in life AND business

Let’s work together, and in the mean time, do your homework! Stop beating yourself up, and start self lovin’ all your wildest mistakes, reckless failures, and biggest losses. I’m willing to bet they’re the things that make you most YOU ;)

Big love,