The Power of Vulnerability in Business {PART 1}

My guess is vulnerability shows up lots of ways in your everyday.

Every time your partner asks you a question about money.

Every time your boss singles you out amongst peers in the boardroom.

Every time your child has a meltdown in public.

Vulnerability could show up as a pit in your stomach, or the tightening of your shoulders.

It could arise as insecurity or a self limiting belief that you’re not good enough to simply -be yourself.

Sometimes vulnerability could even arrive as a fear SO BIG, it prevents you from showing up at all. These are the fears that will keep you playing your life and in your business.

But there’s a reason we don’t easily choose to be vulnerable. Because it’s scary to reveal our true selves. It means we have to show up. It means we have to take off the masks.

You can’t hide your true self and beauthentic.

You can’t fake who you are and begenuine.

You can’t pretend you’re something you’re not and bebona fide.

No! Being vulnerable requires being your true self. It’s literally defined as,

“...the quality or state ofbeing exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.”

I mean, who freely chooses that, right? Even the definition is terrifying.

But this is exactly why vulnerability in business is so damn powerful. Because it’s the harder choice, and in today’s oversaturated marketplace where there’s a whole lot of fake going on….people want real. They want a story. And stories require vulnerability.

So let’s dive into this. Why is telling the story behind your business SO CRITICAL?

Well, we live in a consumer society - we have access towhatever we want, whenever we want it! We don’t even have to go to the store anymore, we just scroll with our little thumbs, click, and purchase! As a consumer, this has lots of benefits -convenience, choice, price matching - but as a business owner, it comes with a fair share of challenges.


So, what does this mean for your business?


It means that with the touch of a button, your customers have access to ALL of your competitors. And that’s kind of intimidating, right?

This type of oversaturated marketplace means you better be doing everything you can to be creating a recognizable brand that differentiates your business from the zealous competition.


So what can you do to differentiate your brand, your products, your services? What sets you apart from your competition? What’s the one thing YOU have that they don’t?

It’s your WHY.

Your process.

Your inspiration.

It’s your story.

Where you’ve been.

The struggles you’ve gone through.

The reason you’re doing it.

How your business has evolved,

And even the failures you’ve had along the way!

It’s your story.

I love this quote from Simon Sinek, he says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

In other words, your customers are buying into your beliefs, your drive, your experience...they’re buying into the one single thing that makes you different from everyone else -your story!

Being fully expressed as a woman in business.


This is the KEY way to attract your dream clients and appeal to your niche. Telling your story will help you attract the customers who want to buy from you.


Through truth telling, you will appeal to the people who feel aligned with yourbrand message. The people who believe in yourbrand mission. The people who resonate with yourbrand values.

So what?

When you start to align with your dream clients and niche market through storytelling, you’re doing a lot more than marketing to the masses - you’re creating anemotional connection with people who need what you’re offering.

An emotional connection. Hold up! This is business, who cares aboutemotionnnnnn, right?

Wrong. Creating an emotional connection with your clients means you’re flexing your human muscles. You’re customers hearts are growing two sizes a day because they finally feel like they belong somewhere, they feel understood and connected - they feel like they’ve found a lot more than a good product -they’ve found a friend.

While I’ve been self-studying vulnerability and branding over the last two years, I was shocked at how much sense all of this started to make. I mean duh! We love brands that make usfeelsomething.


  1. Think Dove commercials.


  1. Think Nike’s recent marketing campaign that captures our attention through the emotions of the athlete. The latest one I just watched was featuring The Honeybees and their motto is, “be bold, be beautiful, be you”...I mean I literally cried watching this video. It’s a ATHLETIC CLOTHING COMPANY you guys!They make golf clothes! And they made me cry. I literally wanted to buy Nike clothes after watching their marketing video because it made me feel so aligned with their brand values.


  1. Think Apple. They speak to the creative, the dreamer, the designer, the artist. They don’t lead their advertisements with tech lingo and mumbo jumbo about low pricing and high quality. Nope. They show us people making things in their garages with great minds! They show up people in the streets creating art! They tell us the story of being amaker - and it inspires us to buy because we believe in their story, we believe in their purpose.

These are big brands telling stories. These are major companies using human stories as a way to create an emotional connection with their target markets.

So how can you do that? How can you connect with your audience on a heart level to inspire them to choose you?

You get out into the world, and you tell your story.


I wasn’t always a believer in this. So I’m going to tell you my story...

.... but you gotta wait till next week.


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Happy Sunday Lovers,