Unveiling the Passion that Lies Within

Remember when you became a free bird for the first time...like, ever? 
No more school, no more supervision or class schedule, no more obvious path or clear direction, no curfew. Just you, an empty bank account (that's now your responsibility), a career to figure out, and rent to pay. Gulp.  
A similar feeling seems to resurface again later in life for women who's kids are starting school, when they find themselves with KID FREE time for the first time in one million years and they have to ask themselves, "well, wtf what next?" 
I mean, with freedom comes the responsibility to take action. 
When you have teachers, parents, and kids telling you what to do and taking up all your time (and energy) - you have less of a responsibility to make up your own mind and take inspired action. 
In a way, your days and choices don't fully belong to you. 
Until they do. 
And this juncture is as opportunistic as it is paralyzing. 

We've all been here. And for me, this juncture wasn't only paralyzing - it was terrifying, and it came with a big fat test:
"Will you do what's easy, or will you follow your heart and make the tough choices?" Often these two paths are not the same. 
And so the story begins...the day I chose passion over comfort. 
When I was 21, I got offered the “dream job” on Bay Street - Toronto’s version of Wall Street. I got hired by a boutique investment firm, picked from a slew of competitive applicants to work my way up towards becoming some sort of financial investor. 
If y’all know me - you know this is SO FAR FROM MY TRUTH.⠀

But I was too blinded by my dad’s idea of success, the paycheque, the golden opportunity, the title, and the hot men in suits (#forrealtho) to realize I was about to make a big mistake.⠀

I thought I was doing the right thing according to the idea of success I had engrained in my subconscious since childhood. 

{ JOURNAL PROMPT: What’s your idea of success? Is it truly your definition, or is it one you’ve been taught to believe is true? }

So there I was, completing the final week of an internship before starting my fancy new big girl job, and all of the sudden it dawned on me, “Wtf am I doing? This is SO NOT ME!!!!” Luckily, I didn’t wait to act. I picked up the phone, called up my soon-to-be-boss, and quit that job before I even started. 
For the first time since childhood, I trusted who I was.⠀

After this, I took a month off work. I spent weeks in bookstores exploring topics and industries, and for the first time in ages - I saw everything as an opportunity. My only intention was to let my curiosity lead me! One coffee (and full notebook) at a time I found my new path.⠀

From there I was lead to design, (met a boyfriend and moved across the country), which ignited my passion for the Lighting industry, (travelled the world), which eventually inspired me to start my own business, (got married), which launched my journey as an entrepreneur, which motivated me to give other women the tools to do the same.
This is how passion is ignited - by blocking out the noise of everyone around you - and asking yourself, what truly sparks my inner joy?
What gives me goosebumps?
What holds my attention?
What makes me excited to wake up tomorrow?
What conversations engage me the most?
Who do I admire?
The more often you ask yourself these questions, the more opportunity you give yourself to explore your own passions. 

Since the day in 2009 that I decided to quit pursuing other people’s ideas of success, my passions have been exposed & awakened one by one. And I’m not just talking career wise! My whole life woke up when I started letting myself be pulled by the things I love.⠀

What would you be doing today if you let love lead you? Have you been sitting on a business idea for AGES but you’re not sure where or HOW to start? (that was me too, always coming up with an excuse why “now wasn’t a good time to begin”.) What’s pulling you? What if you finally stopped ignoring it?
If you are desperate (and ready!!) to find & IGNITE your passion in 2019, let’s do it! Frig. Invest in your dreams and make it matter. Only you can decide you’re worth it.
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Isn’t that kind of the dream?

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Big shifts start with small choices.
All love,