How to Experience Change with Ease

I'm sitting here, 39 weeks pregnant on a fall morning (UPDATE: the baby is here!!!), watching the leaves fade from the trees, feeling the drop in temperature and getting a peek of the snow capped mountains that stand tall around me. I can feel it in my posture, the immanent change that consumes me, the sort of sketchy eye I've adopted as I look around at the world right now as I know it. "It's all about to change", my overworked pregnant brain reminds's all about to change. 

Feeling every bit of anticipation for the inevitable transition that lies ahead, I try to sit still. Drinking in the concoction of fear and excitement that tastes exactly like the unknown typically does...sweet, sour, and totally mysterious. I do my best to focus on this moment - the joy in it, the familiar, the warmth, the satisfaction, and comfort...

But I do my best to remain unattached. Like a spectator, I stay on the outside and look in...this way I don't fall victim to resisting everything that's about to happen.

You know...all the things.

The labour. 

A new little soul to nourish. 

A new season to embrace - hello Festivus & (dairy free) egg nog season!

A new year, new goals, new failures, new struggles, new opportunities...

Anyone else feeling this - a whole lot of *NEW* coming in hot and heavy this time of year? 


I figured a lot of us were in the same boat. Okay, maybe not the 39 weeks pregnant part...but the "getting ready for a lot of change and not quite sure how to feel about it" part. Am I right? 

And if there's one thing I know about change, it's that it's not always easy. In fact, most of the time it comes with a lot of discomfort, fear and anxiety, miscommunication, and financial strain. Change is just one of those things - it forces us to step outside our comfort zone before we're ready.

But are we ever really ready? 

This week, I wanted to share some tools with you to help you navigate through the change in seasons. Sure, fall to winter can be tough, but I'm referring to the more dramatic seasons of life you might be in. You know...

  • Motherhood
  • Divorce
  • Holidays
  • Change of careers
  • Change of boyfriends
  • Financial stresses
  • Family drama
  • Grief
  • Uplevelling spirituality

Whatever season you're moving away from, or absorbing into...these tools will help you feel secure, safe, and in your power as you transition into whatever awaits. Trust me, it's not always easy...but it's always an adventure! The tighter you grip onto your current situation, the less magic you will receive from the experience that awaits. 

Are you ready to surrender? Let's do it together ;) 




1. Look around at your current surroundings in this very moment. What is permanent, and what is bound to change? Examples: this may be the weather outside, a plant losing it's blooms, a child asleep, your husband's mood, a bird in the window. Look around and identify all the change that surrounds you. How many of them are temporary? 

When you start to understand how much of your current state of being is temporary, it's easier to accept the bigger changes that await. Remember: You are not your situation. 

Repeat the mantra that feels most aligned with you:

  • In a world that is constantly changing, I stay flexible and in flow. 
  • I am fully supported through seasons of change. 
  • Everything that's changing is meant for me. 


2. Do something spontaneous! If you're anything like me, then you'll find it (all too) easy to get sucked into the routine of a to-do list, family life, Netflix, and even menu options. As creatures of habit, we tend to play the same songs on repeat, eat the same foods, talk to the same people, go to the same places, and hit up the same exercise class. Fair enough! Life is crazy, sometimes a little familiarity feels good in the bones - I totally get it. BUT...getting too comfortable in your routine will make you resistant to change. 

This week, make it a point to:

  • Say hello to a stranger
  • Try a different yoga/spin/Crossfit class
  • Take a night away from your partner and do your OWN thing (hint: even politely declining a Netflix night to have a bath is considered spontaneous sometimes)
  • Book a weekend getaway!
  • Spend money on something exotic that makes you feel like a GODDESS
  • Sign up for something you'd never do (did y'all hear Jak just registered for her first ever triathlon!?)
  • Try something you've been curious about but scared to learn more about 
  • Say yes to an invitation (even if it's a weird ass networking event)

All of these things may sound simple - and in the big picture - they are!But the more comfortable you get with making small changes in your day-to-day and stepping outside of your comfort zone, the less severe bigger changes will feel when they come knocking on your door. In other words, you cannot prevent change, but you can take inspired action to get comfortable with the way change feels.


3.  Become part of the change. Let me use a real life, personal example to explain what I mean here. I'm about to have a baby. A BABY! This is possibly one of the biggest changes we get to experience as women, and it comes with a lot of unknowns. So here are my options as this INEVITABLE CHANGE approaches:

a) I could sit on the outside of this change and be terrified. I could stay blocked off to receiving or seeking information in fear of uncovering anything that scares me, and not taking an active role in how I want this change to play out. In other words, I could let this change happen TO ME. 


b) I could collect information that helps me feel safe an informed as the change approaches. I could even start introducing some new practices that will help prepare me for the change ahead. I could visualize my ideal situation and start to feel into the transition with ease, getting comfortable with different outcomes. I could practice the art of letting go - releasing control and dropping expectations.In other words, I could choose to play an active role in this change and actively allow it to happen FOR ME.

The reason it's so important to become the change, is so that you're not blindsided, annoyed, or totally shocked when the change comes along. The more involved in the process of change you are, the more empowered you are. 


Whatever you're getting prepared to experience in this season of your life, whether it's shocking or subtle, positive or pesky...use these tools to transition with grace. Learn to shift AND remain the same (remember, you are not your situation) - just because something is happening to you, does not mean it's changing everything about you! You are not the season you are in, you are eternal, and change will come again.

Stay in this knowing and you will experience change with ease.

Big Goddess love and all the feels as you move forward in your journey...from one season to the next.