The Power We Have As Creators

Let’s go back to 2010. 


Life looked a little different in those days.


No kids attached to my hips. No husband to juggle schedules with. No thriving biz to fill my time.


Just me! A a single girl in the city.


Days looked like this: yoga, work, party, repeat. Doesn’t sound half bad, right? 


Yep! I was totally happy with my own little life and routine, and I definitely wasn’t looking for change.


I was comfy, spontaneous, and free! Life was good. 


So, you can imagine how surprised I was when out of no where, I got hit with the inspiration to start my first business! Isn’t that how it works sometimes, though? Just when everything is feeling easy - bam! - the universe calls and asks us to switch it up. We get presented with a new challenge.


So there I was, laying on the beach, sipping tequila in Miami of all places ...not exactly the ‘typical place’ a sexy 28 year old girl gets hit with the entrepreneur stick and dreams up a children’s fashion boutique.


But, naturally, I followed my intuition and went home and did it.  


Within one month of that trip to Miami I had signed a 5 year lease in the most expensive shopping area in Toronto, and I was getting ready to open up shop! I was on fire.


There was only one thing that could stand in my way...MONEY.


To put this in context for you, as I was sitting on that beach in Miami my rent check, of a whole $800, BOUNCED. I was that kinda broke.  


And despite that, I still signed this massive lease, ordered a bunch of inventory, and hired my first staff member - with no freaking clue how I was gonna pay for any of it! I just knew I would.


I didn’t understand universal energy, or manifesting, or any of the power I had as a creator at the time. But somehow I just knew I was hit with this life changing idea for a reason - and I trusted it.


And I kept trusting it. Even when it looked like I was gonna be screwed.


10 days before I was scheduled to open the doors to my new (cute af) shop, there was still no money. Nope! It hadn’t magically appeared in my bank account. F8CK right? But somehow, I still believed it would.


So there I was, 10 days prior to my store opening, on a date with a dude I barely knew. Somehow he knew how broke I was (was it THAT OBVIOUS?), so you can imagine how confused he was as I sat there and told him all about my biz venture. It was written all over his face, “hey broke girl, how can you afford this?”


When he finally came right out and asked me how much money I actually needed to open my store, I casually said, “I don’t know exxaaaccctly, but prob something in the range of thirty thousand dollars”.


I think he spit his drink out right then and there. “$30,000?”, he repeated...”doesn’t that feel a little impossible?”


I looked back at him and said, “I mean yah, when I think about it like THAT it sounds kinda crazy, but it's gonna has too”.


And I ordered myself another glass of wine. 


GUYS. I know money doesn’t fall from the sky. Trust me! I don’t come from a wealthy family where money is just, available. So I’m not exactly clear on how I knew it was gonna work out for me and that $30,000, I just knew.


And before I finished that glass of wine, I got a text from my mom that said, “You’re never gonna believe this. Last night I was talking to Bob, (an old family friend). I was telling him all about your store, and he just came back and handed me a check for $30,000 with your name on it”.


Now it was my turn to spit my drink out. 


I mean the fact that I needed $30,000 had never come out of my mouth before. My mom had NO IDEA that was how much money I needed (good thing too, cuz she probably would have tried to sell me if she knew).


But there it was! The $30,000 I needed, literally gifted to me as a loan. Interest free. 


I was manifesting money, and large sums of it, before I even knew what manifesting was. This is how EASY manifesting is meant to be!


Now manifesting is my jam. Now I intentionally manifest and call in exactly what I want in my life. I’m talking everything from parking spots, to free green juice, to new clients, to my family’s move to Costa Rica.  


It’s all manifested using the same energy.  


And I wanna share it with you. I want to give you this little magic gift, because it caused incredible happenings in my own life. And I know it’s about to do the same for you.


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