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The Beginning of Wholeness

Posted by Robyn Savage on

When you're no longer sure about who you are, 
and you lay awake at night staring at the darkness crying because the soul in your body feels like a stranger's,
and you can't figure out your purpose, 
your passion, 
your why...
When you're in the place of not knowing what's next, 
and your heart feels like a shattered mirror reflecting all of your brokenness back at you like fractured light...
When your mind turns against you and constantly whispers criticisms, judgments, and reasons you're not good enough...
When your mind becomes the thing you're most afraid of, 
lean in. 
Go deeper inwards. 
Walk into the fire of the breathing dragon within you to find the demons and call them out. 
Invite them in, get to know your shadows.
Embrace them like the homeless, who need nothing more than love to start a transformation. 
Be the light your shadow self needs in order to feel accepted, 
to integrate. 
Yes, when all of you - mind, body, soul - feels lost, scattered, unsuccessful, judged and unloved...
Pick her up and give her a hug.
Create space for her to feel loved, and
Walk with her until she starts to feel whole again. 
- The beginning of wholeness

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