The Absent Landlord

Last week I was having a “DAY”.A real f*cking day.You know those ones? It was like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t catch up with my life. And even when I seemed to take one step forward, I somehow ended up further behind. It felt like I was drowning in my task list, sinking headfirst into a shit storm of to do’s and emails. That type of overwhelm really gets to me. It kills my creative spirit and simultaneously makes me feel like I’m failing at everything.


Even as I type this, I can feel the throwup rising in my throat, cuzew. That’s not how I want to live my one sacred ass life. You feel me? Who wants to live drowning in their own creative mess? Notta me.

Of course, I’m not really drowning. It was afeeling.But when you let a feeling consume you, it becomes you. Through and through, you can’t shake it until you realize that feeling lives outside of you. It’s notyou - it’s passing through you.

And so, there I was super stressed, crying in my kitchen holding onto my baby tightly, feeling like I wasn’t only failing at business that day - but at parenting too. And it sucked.


I was meant to be at an event in less than an hour, and every bone in my body was looking for an excuse not to go. In that single moment, I stood there with tears welling in my over-tired and saggy eyes and listed one hundred reasons why I shouldn’t go. I found myself coming up with reasonable excuses to skip the event. What I really wanted was to stay stuck in my overwhelm, and not begin the journey of walking through it. I didn’t want to turn the light on. I didn’t want to face people. I didn’t want to dive in. I just wanted to stay sinking - becausewhen you’re already halfway down, well, you might as well hit rock bottom, right?

Well, obviously wrong.

I realized pretty quickly that I was keeping myself stuck in this mess by circling around excuses and reasons to stay comfortable.Even though my comfortable was at rock bottom, it was still easier to stay down than to rise up.

This is a common practice when you find yourself looped in a negative pattern, repetitive behaviour, relationships, and/or habits.You get so comfortable being wrong that it’s easier to not be right.

You know…

Dating unavailable man after unavailable man.

Getting fired from job after job.

Running from your debt.

Eating the whole bag of chips, again.

Walking away from something good because you’ve been hurt before.

Afraid of success because you’ve failed once before.

All of these experiences are there to teach you. But when you continue to come up with excuses to stay small, you will never evolve. You will never shift out of a feeling until you allow it to move through you, and make the conscious choice to rise up. To snap out of it.

So, you can probably guess what I did next.


I handed my baby over to my husband, and I “ripped the bandaid off” so to speak.

I decided to deny my excuses any power and I did what I knew wasright. Sometimes doing the right thing means doing the hard thing. And although it felt difficult at the time, I listened to my intuitive knowing and I stopped making up excuses to stay stuck in my overwhelm. I decided to attend the event and shift my energy. I decided to show the f*ck up because I knew in my soul that’s what Iwantedto do. That’s who I want to be - the girl who shows up for herself and others. To stay home and stay hidden would only keep me out of alignment with my core desires and prevent me from being the woman I long to be.

Do you see how your excuses steal your power? They be thieves, those excuses. And you have to be able to separate your excuses from your soul’s desires in order to be brave enough to show up for your goddess self.That’s the rhythm of rising.

So, I headed upstairs and got myself dressed (hello, energetic shift when you dress to impress!). I got in the car, blared the music, then drove in silence, got in tune with my breath, drank a matcha to re-energize, and then I got a little ping from the Universe to call my Dad.

My Dad. God, I love that man. (Did you see my personal post earlier this week over at @robyn_savage about the rise of GOOD MEN!!!? It was so good, go check it out. Inspired by my Dad, of course!)


So he picks up the phone on the second ring. Immediately he can tell I’m in the car, and as always he asks, “Where you off to now Rob?”

I told him I was on my way to a work event that I wasn’t really stoked on attending, and his answer affirmed me. It put me in my place and it shook me deeper into my knowing.


He said,“Well that’s good Rob! That’s what you have to do. You gotta show up for your business. Day after day. If you don’t show up for your business, no one will. You can’t be an absent landlord.”

You can’t be an absent landlord.I spent some time thinking about this and it’s so true, right?

You can’t expect your business to thrive without you. Even with exceptional systems, your voice (your business) won’t speak for itself. Even with automated emails, your energy won’t back you if you don’t show up. Even with scheduled Instagram posts, your message will not spread if you’re not singing it to the rooftops. Youmust, must, must show up for yourself. For your people. For your community. For your clients. For your potential clients. For your message. For your purpose!

If you don’t show up for yourself, no one else will. Hard truth.


What does that mean, exactly? You must be present in the day-to-day. You gotta make the hard decisions. You must be brave to be bold. You gotta walk-the-walk. There’s no excuse to not show up. There just isn’t. It’s that easy! In other words, hand over the baby and go the damn event!


Right? Right.


Are you showing up in your life? How could you deepen your commitment to showing up every day? Whether it’s in life or business, how can you stop playing small to rise up? How can you evolve and expand in order to be seen, heard, and felt across your communities? How will showing up make an impact?

You are needed. We all need you.

So please, for love of being a big girl, show up.

Day after day,show the f*ck up.

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Big love,