Remembering Self Confidence 101

Happy Sunday Goddess,

I don’t know about you, but when I lack self-confidence in a situation, my initial reaction is to seek approval from other people. As a woman, I’m almost certain this is common practice? But when it happens to me, it ain’t pretty.

I start to get annoyed with people when they don’t give me the approval I need (because shouldn’t everyone KNOW what I need even if I don’t ask for it!??), and then I start harboring resentment. I start secretly hating on people for not showing up the way I need them to because of my own insecurities. I mean, ew. Just ew.

So this week, when I started to notice I was lacking confidence around my abilities as a new mom of two (lord help me), I leaned INTO the feeling rather than dishing it OUT. Let me explain what I did because this quick fix seriously helped me out and it will help you too if your insecurities ever get in the way of your joy.


Instead of projecting my insecurities onto someone else for once (sorry husband!), I started writing down affirmations that made me realize the fake story I was telling myself about “not being good enough”.

In other words, I called myself out on my own shit. I sunk deeper into the feelings I was experiencing in order to work through them, rather than putting them on someone else.

My favourite way to work through messes of emotions is on paper, so I started a list of positive affirmations that would inspire strength and confidence.

Here’s the list I wrote myself:

I have the resources I need to succeed.
I am supported by friends & family.
I will have fun!
It’s a short time, not forever. I got this.
I was made for this, I was made for them.
I am an exceptional mother to my girls.
I trust myself.
I am loving.
Patience becomes me.
I can do hard things.

On and on, for about half a page of reaffirming positive self talk. Call me a geek, but this works! It really works.


During this short exercise, not only did I rewrite the story in my head about not being a “good enough” mother, but I also shifted my energy and actually started to feel excited, confident, and totally at peace with myself.

  • My mindset shifted from frustrated & resentful to loving and excited.
  • My energy shifted from lack (“I can’t wait for this day to be over so I’m off the hook”) to total abundance (“Bring it on, today is going to be so much freaking FUN even if everything does go sideways!!”)
  • My confidence went from non-existent to brimming.

In literally 5 minutes I changed my day. I rewrote the story of how this experience was gonna go by shifting into the energy of LOVE.

In the energy of love - this is where joy lives.This is where I want to live all the time! What about you?

If you’re feeling insecure about something, try positive self talk & affirmations as a tool to pump yourself up rather then relying on other people to make you feel better.

What are you exceptional at?
What’s the worse thing that could happen?
Is it REALLY that bad?
What would make you feel supported?

Dig deep to find confidence. Remember something you’ve done well in the past in a similar situation. Call on the lessons you’ve learned from living your past mistakes.

You are a goddess, constantly learning and evolving in each moment. You can’t make the same mistake you did yesterday, because you are not the same being you were then. You have learned, you have grown, even if you can’t see it in yourself. You are anew. So, choose again, with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Trust yourself to do the right thing. Trust your strength to endure. Trust you will learn (and grow) again. And again, and again. And watch your confidence bloom as you continue to spread your wings.

No matter how dorky you feel, I promise this practice of flexing your confidence muscle and tuning IN will raise your vibe. Try it!

If you’re lacking confidence in business and really looking to STEP UP your game as a female entrepreneur, we have the perfect set of tools to empower you to do so. We gotchu sister, because we’ve BEEN you. We’ve been where you are - afraid to take the big step, afraid to invest, and not even sure if this whole “entrepreneur life” is really for us.

You know what took us there - to the rock bottom of business?

  • Fear and lack mentality.
  • Not knowing what to do.
  • Not having a strategy.
  • Not being fluent in technology.
  • Not having a clear goal.
  • Not knowing our dream client.

God, a whole lot of not knowing, which results in a TOTAL LACK OF CONFIDENCE. And when you don’t have confidence in business, nothing works.

  • Your voice stays quiet.
  • You hide behind screens and fear being seen.
  • Your clients can’t find you.
  • You don’t charge your worth.
  • You can’t sell your offerings.
  • You never launch your website.
  • You never ask for help.

All of these things will keep you playing small in business until you’re ready to level up.

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Now is the time to rise, sister. And we’re here to raise you up. All you have to do is say you’re ready, and we will partner with the Universe to do the rest.

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It’s your turn.

Big love,