Learning to Let Go

Two years ago I was KILLING myself trying to stay in control of everything. I was losing my mind with too much on my plate and not enough FLOW in my life. You know what I mean? That zero balance life. You get it, I know you do.


So I realized I’d have to learn how to let go if I was going to fully LIVE my life and find JOY in everyday. Which#leduh, joy is critical.⠀


So, I took a month on a beach (with my baby and husband in tow), to journal the EFF out of everything I was “too in control of” and ripped the bandaids off, one by one, letting go of control piece by piece.


Here's a segment of from my journal during that time, that I felt worthy of sharing with you. Because, if you're anything like me, then you're still working on the whole "letting go" thing too. And I'm here to support you on that journey the very best I can. So, here.

Try this:


Make a list of things you want to let go of. Examples straight from Robyn’s journal: 


  1. The need for money. The pressure to “get rich.” Clinging to a certain dollar amount as a sign of success.

  2. Control, in basically all areas of my life. Other people are capable too, and I do not need to do everything myself.

  3. Let go of “success.” Let go of the need for recognition. Let go of the title. Just do it for you.

  4. Let go of the need for everyone to like me. Love those who do, forget those who don’t. Everyone has a time and place in my life. Allow the teachings of people to come and go with grace.

  5. Let go of the need for everything to happen NOW. If everything happened today, how boring would tomorrow be?

  6. Let go of self judgement. Let go of blame, shame and guilt. Let go of perfection.

  7. Let go of comparison.


  9. Did I say, let go of comparison!!!!!!!!?

  10. Let go of competition, embrace collaboration. There is enough to go around for everyone. What is meant for all of us comes to all of us….

  11. Let go of worry. Let go of clinging. Make space for receiving.

  12. Let go of the belief, “what she has, I should have too”, and...

  13. Let go of the envy, the jealousy, and resentment that comes along with it.

  14. Let go of self critiquing. Let go of the need to look thinner, the want to be prettier, the desire to have a different body, hair, eyes, etc. Love yourself as you are. Love my flaws. See my beauty. Don’t shame myself for the imperfections. Embrace them.

  15. Let go of the layers. Strip them away. Let go of the doubt that the ‘ME’ under there isn’t enough for others to love.

  16. Let go of insecurity. Breathe into my 3rd chakra and light it up. Allow my fire to burn. Don’t hide my joy. Don’t brag or delight, but share. Be open about my own happiness without rubbing it in. Being happy doesn’t threaten being humble.  

  17. Let go of the belief that I am not worthy. I am deserving. I am an equal soul to all other beings and I am fucking worth it, just like they are too. We are all worth it. If we all believed we were worth it, we would ALL be living our wildest dreams! Let’s fucking believe it.

  18. Let go of LACK mentality. Fuck being broke! Fuck feeling broke, fuck thinking I’m broke, fuck saying I’m broke! I am abundant. In life and love things flow to me freely and naturally. Money comes easily and supports me to inspire others to live their best lives. I am so thankful for money. I accept money with grace and know that it fully supports me in my purpose! I love money and the things it can do for my family and my community. The more money I make, the more money I can give.

After I wrote this list, I created the course outline for 10 days to LET THAT SH*T GOthat is beginning TODAY! Throughout this course, we cover 10 of the topics above (with one incredible BONUS!), and address how to specifically let go. This practice alone will transform your life in unimaginable ways. I know because I've done it, and I continue to work through this process - constantly making more & more space for miracles and opportunities to grace me with their presence.

This is what awaits when you decide you're ready!

So join us - starting TODAY! - for ten of the most powerful and influential days of your life. Bonus points to me because I've made it super easy for you ;)

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Big love and all the space for magic,