How to Manifest in an Instant (without crystals & angel cards)

One morning last week, I opened my journal to a page that was half filled with a list of intentions. The list was talking all about the community of sisters I'm manifesting to surround me in this season of know, more of that 'solid, truth filled, sometimes-we-don't-talk-at-all' type of sisterhood that we're all craving today.


Yep, I'm manifesting that. Keep reading, cuz I'm onto something!


So, I sat with my coffee and read through the intentions, and when I got to the bottom, I had left myself a prompt to write out new affirmations to help attract this community. So, I got to work and completed this exercise, writing out three aligned affirmations. What happened next shook me to the core, and made me realize how EFFECTIVE this work truly is. Always being reminded that when we ask, we receive. 


  • I am surrounded by women who support me, and I lean into this. 
  • I attract a beautiful community of supportive friends.
  • I give my time, energy, and love freely to the women in my community.


As soon as my pen left the paper (no joke), I looked up to see the new face of a woman standing in front of me. She looked younger than me, and far less tired despite the newborn baby asleep in the stroller she pushed with her free hand. She smiled excitedly and said, “Hi!”, to which I casually responded, “Hi…” 


…and just before tilting my head back down to meet my computer screen as I always do…I realized this was an invitation to engage. 


Hesitantly, (gimme a break, work time is like GOLD as an entrepreneur with part time daycare!) I decided to invite conversation by asking a simple question, “did you just ask the barista if this place is closing down?” 


And there it began.


A 45 minute, intimate conversation - not about vegan lentil bolognese - but about babies and labour; relationships and the challenges of staying in love. We talked about family, moving cities, and passion projects. We laughed, I nearly cried (no joke), and we realized we have mutual friends living across the country. 


Connection. Real life connection!


It wasn’t much, but it was exactly what I was looking for. A sense of belonging. An invitation to freely be myself in that moment. No expectations. No follow through. Just a supportive moment for two women seeking connection. 


So what? I can literally hear some of you rolling your eyes...


“Sweet tits Robyn, you met a chick at a coffee shop and didn’t ignore her when she said hello…brava.”


But that’s not the point.





Here's a list of other ways community showed up for me last week as I opened myself to the opportunity:


>>  My friend came by at 10pm for an impromptu tea (hadn’t seen him in MONTHS)

>>  I laid in bed on Thursday morning thinking I should text my friend Sara before the baby comes, 20 minutes later, I get a text from her asking if I was around that day because she was in town with a free schedule and wanted to hang out - we spent a magic morning together! 
>>  I put myself in local coffee shops to work rather staying at my home office, and I ran into an abundance of beautiful friends and acquaintances in my community 
>>  I reconnected with an old highschool friend after she sent me a Facebook message



The beauty of learning to ask the Universe for things is that they actually start to show up! You do the work, and the Universe joyfully responds. Recognize your desires, ask the Universe to serve you, surrender, and stay open with a trusting heart. 


I'm going to repeat that, cuz #SOJUICY.


You do the work:


1. Recognize your desires 


2. Ask the Universe to serve you


3. Surrender to whatever shows up, live in trust


4. Stay open to receive whatever comes your way


5. Trust, trust, trust that you are worthy of all the things you desire



This is how the Universe likes to communicate - with open hearts and clear instruction. That way, it can serve you miracles quickly and exactly as you wish.


Right now, my wish is more time with my sisters. More community surrounding and accepting me. More intuitive and open conversation. More in person laughter and juicy hugs that last. 


What's your wish? 


What are you calling in right now? 


What's the miracle you'd love to receive? 


Take yourself on this journey and do the work! Believe you were born worthy of miracles and crack your heart open to receive them. May this week be filled with juicy manifestations and all the things you desire. 


You are worth it. We all are. 


Big love goddesses,