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Letting Go + Getting Out of Your Own Way to Open Yourself Up to the Universe

Posted by Robyn Savage on

You know when you feel like life is dragging you along? Be honest, we’ve all been there. You’re trying to juggle about one million balls in the air and not loose control of anything - because if you do, your entire kingdom may crumble. 


You have the lists.

All the plans in place.

You’re taking all the steps to manifest your perfect life.

You know exactly what you want...


But no matter how much you control, you just can’t seem to make the magic happen. Am I right?


Been there. The control freak. The juggler. The “afraid to let go in case I lose my power” woman who was digging myself an early grave.


That’s the result of clinging to control. And yep - it’s as uncomfortable as it sounds! Take it from me. I used to be a total control freak, so I know allllllll about being dragged through life clinging to ARYTHANG. Hopes, fears, people, plans, love, expectations, money. You name it - I clung to it 😳 Gulp.


What are the things you struggle to let go of? Maybe it’s your fear of failure you can’t let go of. Maybe it’s comparison to others. Maybe it’s your addiction to validation. Or maybe it’s the affirming words you constantly seek from your partner.


Whatever you can’t let go of is the exact same thing holding you back from receiving miracles from the Universe. 


Let me break this down!


Your resistance to surrender is keeping you stuck in one place. It’s blocking you from creating space in your life for opportunity, abundance, and miracles. 


Letting go is the most powerful way to open yourself up to the universe and say, 


I am ready for more.

I trust you will guide me.

I am worthy of more.

I am willing to receive.

I surrender to you.

I am open to accept your gifts.


Why? Because when you choose to LET GO, you give the Universe (and her magic) space to show up for you. In other words, you get out of your own way.


After more than two years of staying dedicated to my personal “letting go practice”, I make an effort to try and care as little as possible about everything - outcomes, expectations, other people’s actions and choices, the internet’s opinion, how I make money...These things are not my concern or responsibility! And they’re not yours either.


Your only responsibility is to show up everyday as the woman you want to become. Act like her. Love like her. Share like her. Do whatever it takes to align yourself with her, and everyday you will become more & more of the woman you long to be. She already lives within you. All you have to do is unveil her.


The humbling practice of letting go has set me free and allowed me to be open to opportunities and seeing things differently. It’s also allowed me to drop the weight of the world and focus fully on the things that really matter - my intentions, following through, bettering my relationships, and having a positive impact 👭


Two years ago I was KILLING myself trying to stay in control of everything, and I knew I needed a serious internal shift. I had to learn how to let go if I was going to fully LIVE my life. So, I took a month on a beach (with my baby and husband in tow), to journal the EEF out of everything I was “in control of” and I ripped off the bandaids, one by one, letting go of control piece by piece.


It’s been an ongoing practice that I never intended to share, but the impacts and changes it’s had on my life have been so MONUMENTAL, I knew I had to share it with you. 


So yay! Here it lives and breathes to guide YOU in your own process of letting go to make space for miracles. ‘LET THAT SH*T GO’ will kick off your New Year on January 6th, in sync with the new moon. The course is just $88, and  will bring more magic to your everyday than you ever knew possible.  CLICK HERE TO join us!  

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