Get Disconnected to Feel Connected

This week my family and I packed our bags and head to a little ocean town called Ucuelet, for a much needed escape from normal routine. We have two small children at home (2.5 years old and 4 months)...and our lives are full! Full in a great way...but also in a, "it's really important to step away and get connected to ourselves and each other, slow down, and enjoy this season of life" kinda way. 


Getting disconnected to feel connected is one of my life's non-negotiables. I used to see it as a luxury. Growing up I was taught that vacations are hard to come by, far and few between, and only for the "rich"...the people who could afford to take time off work and spend money on fancy things. 


As an adult I've rewritten this story (for my own sake, and for my children's), to fully understand that vacations from everyday routine aren't a luxury...they're necessary for my soul to feel comfortable and at ease. 


They're not always to five star hotels - we own an RV, so often our vacays are on the open road. 


They're not always a week long - even one day dedicated to slowing down can feel like a sufficient vacay. 


They're not always with the whole family or a pack of girls - even a solo mission feels fucking fabulous! *In fact, Jak did this last week! She took herself to Whistler for the day and sat at the Scandinave Spa for four herself a break from normal routine and sinking innnnn. So good, right? 


And you know what? 


You deserve that too. 


The time, the space, the spontaneity. 


The rest, the rejuvenation, the solitude. 


The peace, the quiet, the adventure. 


You deserve time away from the things you love. 


What are some things you could use a little time and space from? Be honest. Drop the guilt and shame, and get honest about what your soul needs in this moment.


This may be your children, your partner, your work/business, your routine, your passion, your sport, your responsibilities, your friends....whatever it is you love....


We all need space.


Sometimes we forget this, right? It's so easy to convince ourselves that we must be in this constant state of giving,giving, giving...but when do you give yourself permission to stop and bask in the brilliance of all that's around you? 


Truth be told, a lot of women (and men, but I feel like women are particularly prone to) forget that they are worthy of taking time for themselves to do more of the things they need to show up fully as their best selves. 


In other words, filling their own cup. 


When was the last time you took care of yourself first? 


This is a truth that drives both Jak and I to be the Queens of Pleasure in our lives. Have you heard that term before? QUEEN OF FUCKING PLEASURE. 


Say it out loud and let it resonate with you. 

See what comes up when you say those words out loud. 


Do you believe you're a Queen of Pleasure? 

What could you do to make yourself feel like a Queen of Pleasure this week? 

What stories do you have from your past that have taught you you're not worthy of being a Queen of Pleasure? 


Let me tell you a little secret: the journey to becoming a QOP starts with putting systems in place that help automate and simplify your life and business. 


Hold up, whaaaaa? 


Yes. Let's talk about this. 


Automating your life and business means you're still able to get your work out into the world, still able to provide for your family, still able to SHOW THE FUCK UP...without being "turned on" 24/7.


The 24/7 hustle (whether you're an entrepreneur or not) is what will burn you out. 


The 24/7 hustle will run your well dry of creativity, sensuality, and joy. 


The 24/7 hustle will force you to forget why you even got started by shutting down your heart centre and sending you into fight or flight mode. 


The 24/7 hustle will make you forget why you even got started and let your ego run away with your paychecks. 


You'll end up feeling depleted and in ten years from now you'll be wondering how you let yourself waste so many years feeling run down, anxious, and worn out. 


This is when adrenal fatigue comes into play. 

This is when you don't want to get out of bed. 

This is when you want to quit your passion and settle for an "easier" 9-5 job. 

This is when you wonder why the fuck you ever had kids in the first place. 

This is when sex seems like a chore and your body starts to shut down.


Yep, the 24/7 hustle is a lonely, exhausting way to live...and we got tired of living that way. 


Even writing about it makes the bags under my eyes get darker! Not even kidding. 


The hustle can make you forget why you love ____________ in the first place. (Fill in the blank with the thing that is depleting you.) 


For me, the thing that can deplete me if I'm not careful is my work. It's the thing I show up most ferociously for and the thing that I constantly strive for. Any other workaholics in the house? 


There was a time I would let myself get carried away and not recognize I was over doing it until I was just downright burnt out. I had adrenal fatigue, I had lost touch with my purpose, and I was too tired to find inspiration.


I desperately needed to change the way I worked (which, by the way, also totally transformed the way I could show up as a wife, mother, and friend too). 


So what shifts helped me escape the effects of the hustle?


Automating our business has been the single most life-changing thing I've done for my personal life. 


As an entrepreneur, I've experienced the need to be focused on the growth of my business at all times! I've got fucking lives to change and big things to share! And I used to think, "if I'm not actively growing my business, who is?"


Right? This is the mindset a lot of entrepreneurs live with. 


"It's hard work to create an empire". 


"I gotta hustle".


"If I'm not working my business will fail".


We can also translate these sentiments to motherhood, building relationships, making money, and being social...


The constant need to show up. 

The constant pressure to do all the things.

The constant overwhelm that comes as the result.


I'm here, this week, to say "fuck that". There's a smarter way. There's a better way! There's a way to grow your business and still take a wicked vacay. There's a way to be a Queen of Pleasure and shut your computer off at 6pm. There's a way to sell the fuck out of your products without selling your soul! 


There's a way to automate your life and business and hit the easy button so that you can return to finding joy in the little things. 


I am so excited for you to feel this freedom in your life and business! Fuck yes I am excited! Because I've designed a life that allows me to do both of the things I love - to BE FREE AND SERVE - and it's time you recognize that you're worthy and capable of having this too. 


It's time to create a balance in your life and business that serves your highest self. 

It's time to get crystal clear on your vision + creating an inspired action plan.

It's time to  get seen + heard in the online world.

It's time to create clear offerings that invite your dream clients to invest in you.⠀

It's time to sell with ease using your existing platforms.⠀

It's time to grow an engaged following and convert 'likes' to purchases.

It's time to write your brand stories + define you brand message.

It's time to step into the expert mindset + elevate your business.

It's time to lead with heart + purpose to end each day feeling fulfilled instead of depleted.⠀


Work with Jak and I to do that for yourself. Click Here, apply to connect and learn how we can help you.


That tough kinda love always pushing you to evolve,