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A Prayer for Peace

Posted by Robyn Savage on

You have the choice to create a life full of peace.

There are many times I would have called you a liar if you told me this.

>> After they found my mom’s body.
>> When my marriage was broken.
>> After breaking someone’s heart.
>> After having my own heart broken.
>> When I miscarried.
>> After my first business failed.

How do you find peace in situations like this? How do you carry on living, let alone doing it peacefully?


Over the years, and through many shadow situations that found me on the floor, I have finally learned how to return to peace.

Thank God too, because with two kids, two businesses, a marriage, and a (suffering) social life to tend to - I’d be totally effed without peace! Seriously.

So this week, I’m sharing a little note with you. It’s a prayer I have called on many times throughout my life as I’ve encountered the need to find peace amidst my chaos.

It’s personal & powerful, and I know it will serve you the same way it has served me over the years - as a catalyst for my own well being.

This prayer can also be used to cultivate trust, surrender, and love.

Dear God/Universe/Angels/Creator,

I see clearly now that my actions are much stronger than my words and I must act in alignment with that which I long to create.
I know I have not done this in the past, and I thank you for giving me the chance to understand my own power. To see so clearly that I am my own creator; and you, you are my facilitator giving me the means to create. Working through me to empower my highest truth. Now that I understand I can choose this path, I choose love.

I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for this week, Goddess! And keep in mind - you are your creator. What will you make of yourself?

Big love and supportive energy,




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