A Confidence Mindset in Biz

About this time last year, Jak and I had officially given everything we had to the whole, "do what you love & the money will naturally follow," deal. And to be honest, it didn’t work out like we thought it would.

Not because you can’t grow a business doing what you love, but because in order to grow a business doing what you love, there needs to be a few key ingredients in place first. You know - a clear vision, an action plan, strategies, and PEOPLE. And well, to be honest, we didn't have any of that.

What we did have? 
→ Fear and lack mentality.
→ No idea what to do.
→ No strategy.
→ Mega fear of technology.
→ No clear goals.
→ No idea who our dream client was.

A whole lot of not knowing, which resulted in a TOTAL LACK OF CONFIDENCE for the both of us. If you know us, it might be hard to believe that we lacked confidence in running our business, but there was a time! 
And let me tell you! When you don’t have confidence in business, nothing works. 

Your voice stays quiet.
You hide behind screens and fear being seen.
Your clients can’t find you.
You don’t charge your worth.
You can’t sell your offerings.
You never launch your website.
You never ask for help.

When we decided to work on building a confidence mindset, it allowed us to start taking ourselves seriously as female entrepreneurs. 
We got the expert help we needed, learned how to leverage technology, got to know our dream client inside and out, figured out a short-term and long-term growth strategy, and shifted from lack to abundance mindsets...and then we built a f*cking empire. 

So that biz plan everyone says you need? It’s really just a plan to help you take confident action in your business. And yes, you do need that.  

Our version of, "do what you love and the money will come…" and also our mantra for 2019 has become:

Build systems & strategies to support your confidence in the creation of what you love...and watch the money come.

With that in mind...let's get personal for a second:

What would you be doing differently (in life and business) if you knew this was your last year here on Earth? Your last two years? Five years?
I know this question can stir up a lot of discomfort and fear for women, but when you step back and consider how VALUABLE your time is - it may inspire you to do things a little differently. 
You see, automating your business doesn't only build you a booming email list, it also frees up your time so you can be doing more of the things you really love. 

What are the things you’re doing today that aren’t serving your tomorrow? What are you dying to change but not sure how? What’s one action you could take that would make you feel supported and on the right track? And most importantly, 

I know for me I experienced a massive shift after answering this question because I realized how much time I spent doing things that don't light me up. The behind-the-scenes business tasks that I thought were growing my business, but were in fact just spinning my wheels (and my head!) 
Once I decided my time was MORE valuable than constantly running around a hamster wheel,I decided I was worthy. 
This was a total f*cking game changer for me.

I decided I was worthy of self care.⠀
Worthy of a coach.⠀
Worthy of a yoga pass.⠀
Worthy of hiring employees.⠀
Worthy of HELP!⠀
Worthy of love.⠀
Worthy of days off.⠀
Worthy of first class.⠀
Worthy of shutting my phone off.⠀

Now I make this a practice. Each day of my life I decide I’m worthy of something, and I make that thing happen. I spend the money, I take the time, I make the call. Without this realization - and PUTTING IT INTO DAILY PRACTICE (hello!!! 🙋) - I would still be a hamster spinning in my wheel waiting for shit to happen to me. 
But I’m not a hamster! And (here's your wake up call, babe) neither are you.

Make this year count. Make it BIG! Make it the biggest yet. Get serious about the goals that matter to you. Take inspired action to achieve them. Spend money on the RIGHT THINGS - the things that will propel you and give you the experiences you need. Take the time to invest in yourself and get purposeful. Let this purpose drive you. 

Do the thing you’re waiting to happen for you. 

If biz is your next goal - to grow, to profit, to uplevel, to lead, to share your truth, to influence and inspire with your gift - then work with us in 2019. Let us lead you to prosperity and excellence. Let us build your empire alongside you so that you can thrive as the goddess of your Kingdom and finally live your dream lifestyle. Does that sound good to you? 

Jak and I have been to the trenches of biz and back to grow this empire, and we are just getting started! If you want to learn how we grew our biz from $0 - $250K in 11 months, and implement the same systems and skills in your own business - we are here to teach you. Step by step. Goal by goal. 

You can click here and apply to work with us 2:1 and we are soooooo ready for you!!

The time is NOW to step up your game as a female entrepreneur. To get mega clear and put some systems and strategies behind what you love. These will make that big, huge leap you are scared to take waaaay less scarier. 

If you’re ready, or if you think you MIGHT BE ready (the seed has been planted!!)...

Click here and book a 20 minute power call with us to find out exactly HOW we can help you grow, earn, and launch in 2019.

Now is the time to rise, sister. And we’re here to raise you up.

All you have to do is say you’re ready, and we will partner with the Universe to do the rest.

It's your turn.