10 ways to make your life feel more luxurious without going to the spa

Okay, if you follow me on my personal 'gram, then y'all know I'm ridiculously passionate about making my life feel luxurious. Rich in self-care. Oozing with precious moments. Curated with pretty (but practical) spaces. Eyebrows that don't quit.

We talk a lot around here about becoming a Queen of Pleasure. To me, this doesn't always mean driving with the top down or rocking 4" heels (cuz really, I live in a mountain town and both of those things are just impractical) 😂 To me, becoming a Queen of Pleasure means making the time to find enjoyment in your everyday life. The grandiose and the simple.

It means sinking into a novel in the middle of the day.
It means date night on a Tuesday.
It means rocking a red thong for no one but yourself.
It means a Tuesday morning coffee date for just you and your daughter.
It means finally investing in that thing you've been saving up for.
It means celebrating the simplicities.

To me, this is luxury. Sure - it may sound simple! But it takes a heck of a lot of intention to enjoy pleasure in this otherwise fast paced life. So in order to help you access everyday pleasure in your life - here is a list of ways you can make your life feel opulent everyday without checking into the spa. The best part is, you probably already have access to most of these things...and if you don't, your bff definitely does.

So go ahead, Queen. Get luxurious. Get rich. Get filthy in love with the little moments of your life that don't deserve to be ignored. This is your one shot to make this life everything you want it to be. And you deserve luxury.

GirlTribe's 10 ways to make your life feel more luxurious without going to the spa

1. Light the Candle.

Okay, hands up! Who has that one special candle they bought from Anthropologie that was too expensive and smells too good to light for "no reason"? This used to be me. I used to save my candles for yeeears because I never felt there was a good enough reason to light them. Fuck that. Now I light my candles at breakfast. I light them during at-home work sessions. I light them during mac-n'cheese dinners with my toddler. I light them for no other reason than, "today is TODAY, and I want to feel luxurious". Here's permission for you to do that too - because your everyday is reason enough to celebrate.

2. Find your favourite mug, and spend all the money on it.

I am a huge fan of mugs. Did you know that a good wine glass actually changes the taste of wine? That's a scientific truth. Well, I'm pretty sure a good ceramic mug changes the entire feeling of a cup of coffee and heightens the entire experience of indulging in a fancy cup of tea (see #4). Anyone who has a favourite mug totally knows what I'm talking about. Am I right?

If you don't have a mug you aren't obsessed with, go find one! It can't be a mediocre love. It's gotta be love at first sight. Local potters do it best, and you can always find them at local farmers markets while you're on travels (the perfect memory to bring home). Luxury at its best comes in the form of a daily hot beverage, if you ask me, and the perfect mug match made in heaven will make you feel like you're a Queen of simple pleasures.

3. Buy a good pair of slippers.

You know when you used to go the club and rock those heels that made you feel like a total fucking Queen? But then the next day you woke up and wondered what the F you were thinking (cuz your feet are broken and it looks like you've been wearing pointe shoes for the last 16 years)?

Ya...enough is enough. We're all past that point in life, aren't we? So here's what you can spend your money on instead. A good pair of slippers that makes everyday feel luxurious. I recently got myself (and both of my girls!) a pair of Kyrgies handmade wool slippers, and let me tell YOU! These things take cozy to the next level and will seriously crank up your leisure wear game. I have to admit, I feel like a cool boho mama with my beautiful scented candle lit, handmade mug in hand, my beautifully crafted slippers underfoot...can you see it? 😍 All the luxury vibes for your goddess self. Your home is where you spend a good chunk of your time - so fall madly in love with the way you feel while you're hanging out in your goddess kingdom.

4. Find a tea that you love as much as wine.

For years my husband and I would open a bottle of wine at the end of the day as a way to relax and connect with one another. Don't get me wrong, I fucking loved this ritual. It tasted delicious, gave us the perfect buzz. and always felt like a mature thing to do as a grown up married couple. I know, we're so cliche.

There was only one thing wrong with this little luxury...

Eventually, we didn't like the way it made us feel.

So we swapped out a mediocre bottle of wine for an expensive tea that we get from our local tea slinger (is that a thing?)...and it's become our favourite night time ritual. We still get to share time together (which is the true luxury here), while honouring our health, saving money, and going to bed without that familiar red wine fog that we all know (and sorta love/hate).

A special tea can clear brain fog, help you ease into a deep sleep, calm your nervous system, heighten your senses through aroma therapy properties, and introduce you to new flavours, herbs, and remedies to heal your body, mind and spirit. Now that's luxury.

5. Find a skin care routine that makes you feel rich AF.

For me, this is exfoliating my skin everyday and doing at home facial cupping. This sounds fancy, but let me tell you! Nothing is easier.

Exfoliating clears away all the dead skin cells from the day (the skin that flakes away), and leaves your skin with a healthy, natural glow. It's illuminating and detoxifying, and it will make you feel so luxurious you may even mistake your night time routine for a trip to the local spa. I actually say "thank you" to myself after doing this every night before bed because it reminds me I'm a Queen, no matter how brutal toddler bedtime was.

And facial cupping is the best new thing I discovered from my most fabulous acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor, Melissa Wheaton. Facial cupping takes anywhere from 2-10 minutes and is like botox without the needles. The actual cupping device also costs $10, so it's about 1/1000 of the cost. Seriously, even my skeptical husband bought into this simple treatment after a few nights of seeing my radiant glow!

I will write an entire blog post on the benefits of facial cupping one day, but for now - google it! And add it to your luxurious skin care routine that is actually...really simple, and not at all expensive.

6. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.

Seriously, there is nothing more luxurious, it seems, these days than having a few extra minutes a day to be "doing nothing". These days I find myself reaching for my phone at every chance I get, or sneaking in a chapter of my book while nursing my baby, or trying to schedule next week's meetings while my husband's asking me about my day. NO. Just no, no, no.

Multitasking will take the enjoyment out of any one thing you're doing by making sure you're not present for any of it.

So, go to bed 15 minutes early without an agenda. Maybe you feel like reading a chapter. Maybe you feel like trying a new meditation. Maybe you feel like having a real conversation with your partner before turning out the lights. Whatever it is you end up doing in those 15 minutes, be entirely there. And leave your phone out of it!

There's nothing more luxurious than having spare time.

7. Add essential oils.

It took me a long time to hop on the essential oil train, but let me tell you! Once I got started, I literally couldn't stop. I use oils for everything, and you know what? They make literally EVERYTHING feel more luxurious. Your drinking water, your bath water, your moisturizer, the air you breathe, the way you treat a cold!

Oils will make you feel like you're a new age modern hippie using the ways of the land to smell better, breathe better, feel better, and relax better. Get them from your local oil dealer (she probably lives next door).

Want to find out how I use my essential oils in the bath? Read more, here

8. Minimize your closet.

This may seem like a surprise, cuz, well...less doesn't always feel like more. But here's the thing. Decisions exhaust our brain and the more of them we have to make in a day, the worse we get at it. For me, looking at a well organized, small wardrobe full of clothes I LOVE makes me feel a lot more luxurious than standing in front of a closet bursting with clothes I could live without.

I used to have a big drawer full of cute dresses and a whole closet full of old blouses I swore I'd "wear to work one day". Ummm, no. I work from home you guys. I'm never going to wear a blouse, let's get serious. I mean, I listed wool slippers as a luxury purchase (and highly stand by my words) 😐. I was never going to wear those Circa 2010 blouses that the once aspiring professional me was hanging onto. Let that shit go.

Now, I stare at a compact closet full of clothes that represent me and my style perfectly. I may not have as much, but it feels GOOD looking at a closet curated with clothing that aligns with who I am. Luxury status. Check.

Note to self: sometimes luxury means LESS.

9. Learn something.

I always find when I invest or commit to learning something, I feel heightened. Like I'm giving myself an opportunity to become more. Here's the thing. Our sense of self-worth increases when we invest in our own growth and expansion.

What's something you've been curious about lately?
Is there a course you could take to learn more on this topic?
What's a book you've been dying to read?
Is there a project you've been putting off?

When you take the time you desire to learn something new, you'll feel like you are a luxury. You know why? Because you're sending yourself the message that "I'm fucking worth investing in".

(PS. If this is resonates with you - check out our GirlTribe library of courses here. Now this is our type of learning!)

10. Treat your body like you love it.

This may seem like a simple luxury...and well, that's the point of this blog post so it's perfect! If there's anything that will make you feel opulent in your everyday it's treating your body like you love it. So often we get busy loving up on everybody else that we forget we're deserving of all things pleasure - and that includes your body too. Your body is the physical vessel that literally houses all of your greatness. It gives you a way to interact with the world around you - and if you treat it like garbage, chances are, you'll feel like garbage too.

So, how can you treat your body like a luxury?

Here are some ways we suggest:


  • Move - find a way to move your body everyday that feels fucking fabulous (kitchen dance parties count, heck yes they do!)
  • Self-pleasure - explore your body and what brings her pleasure in all the ways, don't be afraid to explore a little! (New to this realm? Check out this total sexuality goddesson Insta, we love her work.)
  • Eat all the nutritious things that make you feel light on the inside - healthy eating does more than help you fit into your favourite skinny jeans, it also sends your body the message, "Hey, I value you - so I'm gonna treat you like a million bucks". This has more benefits than one, but we love the fact that it's an immediate self-worth check. Do you rate your body worth the green juice and quality supplements? Or do you make her feel like the greasy piece of leftover pizza from poker night?

Your body is, actually, a temple. Start treating her like one and experience the luxury of knowing you're totally worth it.

There it is! Our list of simple luxuries that will make you feel like a Queen of Pleasure in your everyday life. Dive in and don't be afraid to invest in yourself for a change, goddess! And remember this - you teach others how to treat you. When you start giving yourself the gift of luxury, it will be returned by the Universe tenfold.

Happy pleasure hunting,