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10 ways to make your life feel more luxurious without going to the spa

To me, becoming a Queen of Pleasure means making the time to find enjoyment in your everyday life. The grandiose and the simple. It takes a heck of a lot of intention to enjoy pleasure in this otherwise fast-paced life.  So go ahead, Queen. This is your one shot to make this life everything you want it to be.  Read more →

How to take your schedule back - yes, it is possible.

This goes for you, girl with the busiest schedule of all. The mama who can't find time to pee. The entrepreneur who has 46 meetings scheduled next week. The woman traveling the globe with no time to start her dream business... Yes, this blog post is for you. Read more →

Your Highest Self: What that means and how to find her

What happens when you allow yourself to lean into who you are as a woman? What happens when you invite yourself to discover more about what pleasures you? What happens when you spend time investigating how you could welcome JOY into your life more often? I’ll tell you… Read more →

Get Disconnected to Feel Connected

What are some things you could use a little time and space from? Be honest. Drop the guilt and shame, and get honest about what your soul needs at this moment. When was the last time you took care of yourself first?  We all need space, and sometimes we forget this.  Read more →

The Power of Vulnerability in Biz {PART 2}

In today’s marketplace... where every picture can be photoshopped, every experience can be curated, and every product can be mass produced... the one thing they can’t replicate is your story and the one person who can share it is you. Read more →

The Power of Vulnerability in Business {PART 1}

You can’t hide your true self and be authentic. You can’t fake who you are and be genuine. You can’t pretend you’re something you’re not and be bona fide. No! Being vulnerable requires being your true self. And this is exactly why vulnerability in business is so damn powerful.

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When your Husband Doesn't Support you - Do it Anyways

It’s easier to cower in the face of doubt then it is to stand up and be brave knowing that true love would never deny you the chance to try. Your beliefs don’t need to be his beliefs. He doesn’t need to see the world the same way you doBecause you, without permission, are the woman ready to rise. Read more →

The Absent Landlord

Last week I was having a “DAY”. A real f*cking day. You know those ones? It was like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t catch up with my life. And even when I seemed to take one step forward, I somehow ended up further behind. But hard truth. If you don't show up for yourself, no one else will. Read more →

The Beginning of Wholeness

Be the light your shadow self needs in order to feel accepted, to integrate. Yes, when all of you - mind, body, soul - feels lost, scattered, unsuccessful, judged and unloved... Pick her up and give her a hug.
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A Confidence Mindset in Biz

"Do what you love & the money will follow" We tried it, and to be honest it didn't work. Not because you can’t grow a business doing what you love, but because you need a clear vision, an action plan, strategies, and PEOPLE. And well, to be honest, we didn't have any of that.

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10 Reasons Your Business Isn't Growing

A while back, you decided to take the plunge and dive into the entrepreneur life. But let’s be honest - owning your own business isn’t all rainbows and sun. We GET it. This is a full body scan of your business. We’re diving into how you can tighten things up and give your business the love and attention she needs to thrive! Read more →

The Power We Have As Creators

I didn’t understand universal energy or manifesting, or any of the power I had as a creator at the time. But somehow I just knew I was hit with this life-changing idea for a reason - and I trusted it. Even, when it looked like I was gonna be screwed.  Read more →

What does happiness really require of us?

In the name of independence, in the name of FREEDOM, I was losing myself. And quick. But sometimes, the thing that brings you the most joy is the thing that requires the most diligence, dedication and devotion. Read more →

A Prayer for Peace

You have the choice to create a life full of peace. So, I’m sharing a little note with you. It’s a prayer I have called on many times throughout my life. It’s personal & powerful, and I know it will serve you the same way it has served me over the years - as a catalyst for my own well being. Read more →

Unveiling the Passion that Lies Within

"Will you do what's easy, or will you follow your heart and make the tough choices?" And so the story begins... the day that I chose passion over comfort waking up my WHOLE LIFE as I let myself be pulled by the things I love.
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Learning to Let Go

Two years ago I was KILLING myself trying to stay in control of everything. I was losing my mind with too much on my plate and not enough FLOW in my life. I realized I’d have to learn how to let go if I was going to fully LIVE my life and find JOY in every day. So I ripped the bandaids off, one by one, letting go of control piece by piece.

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Letting Go + Getting Out of Your Own Way to Open Yourself Up to the Universe

Whatever you can’t let go of is the exact same thing holding you back from receiving miracles from the Universe. The humbling practice of letting go has set me free and allowed me to be open to opportunities and seeing things differently.

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Remembering Self Confidence 101

I don’t know about you, but when I lack self-confidence in a situation, my initial reaction is to seek approval from other people. As a woman, I’m almost certain this is common practice? But it ain’t pretty. Grab a piece of paper, let's work through this mess of emotion. Read more →

Three badass journaling exercises to let the self critic go, once and for all

Self-love is a JOURNEY and these 3 exercises will help you navigate these waters. See the things you overcame, honor the critical choices you made, and high five yourself for breathing LIFE into your dreams. Read more →

How to Experience Change with Ease

If there's one thing I know about change, it's that it's not always easy. Most of the time it comes with a lot of discomfort, fear and anxiety, miscommunication, and financial strain. Whatever the season, these tools will help you feel secure, safe, and in your power as you transition into whatever awaits. Read more →