The Femme Podcast

Welcome to episode 27 & the first 11 Minute Riff!

We have something brand new for you, wild women! Welcome to the 11 Minute Riff, a weekly episode where we set the timer for 11 minutes and riff on a topic that’s been coming up in the Femme world. 

In today’s riff we invite you to embrace the belief code that the universe is always conspiring in your favor. 

“You have the power to design your day.” 

Welcome to episode 26 of The Femme Podcast!

Leave the ‘to do list’ behind and step into your power, beautiful! Stop measuring yourself by what youdid today, and start embracingwho you were today. Free yourself from the expectations and ‘shoulds’ that don’t align with your soul’s desire, and allow your energy to lead. 

“If I am not tuned in and in wild flow then I know that something has to shift”

Welcome to episode 25 of The Femme Podcast!

Our energy leads in the Femme world. We listen to the pings from deep within us, follow their guidance, and trust that it will take us to the next level of our desires. Sometimes this means that we makebig decisions - and fast.

“The world opens up when you stop keeping score” 

Welcome to episode 24 of The Femme Podcast!

Making space to bring our whole selves to our work fundamentally changed Femme, and in the most incredible way. Our business exploded when we stopped keeping score. We stopped questioning. We stopped resenting. And we began thriving in harmony with each other’s incredible gifts. 

“Your inner landscape creates your outer reality” 

Welcome to episode 23 of The Femme Podcast!

Today we are so excited to be joined by coach Michelle Goodman ofMy Empowered Bliss for this expansive conversation about leadership and sisterhood. 

“So much of our personal power comes from realizing that we have choice” 

Welcome to episode 22 of The Femme Podcast!

We’ve been making some big changes in our business this week, and we needed to tap into our own alchemy to find our true path. Tune in to learn about the big decision we made to prioritize our own desire above the tantalizing ‘shoulds’ that were tugging at us. 

“Human design gives us permission to act the way we truly need to act from the inside out.” 

Welcome to episode 21 of The Femme Podcast!

Do you wonder how can you can integrate Human Design into your life? Then be sure to tune into today’s episode! We’ll set you on the path to understanding how Human Design is more than just information, and share with you how it can become an intuitive feeling and a valuable key to understanding those that you love. 

“Become an energetic match for the ‘yes’”

Welcome to episode 20 of The Femme Podcast!

So often, women get caught up in the sexy buzz words around energetics, focusing on ‘manifestation’ and ‘expansion’, operating from their minds instead of their energetic vibration, and feeling like they're coming up short.  

Do you resonate? If so, this episode is for you. 

Welcome to episode 19 of The Femme Podcast!

If you’re a female entrepreneur then you might know this feeling: You’ve been excited and obsessed with your business. Everything has been going so well! Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself uninspired, bored, and disconnected from the passion you experienced before. 

Today we’re sharing with you how we’ve risen from plateaus, and how you too can take this moment as an opportunity to go inward and birth something beautiful, expansive, and new. 

“We get to normalize self pleasure, and that’s fucking powerful” 

Welcome to episode 18 of The Femme Podcast

It’s time to embrace and revel in this truth: You have permission to be your own source of pleasure. Today, give yourself some space as you listen, because we’re getting vulnerable. We’ll share a bit about our own intimate journeys with self pleasure, we’ll guide you to find ways to tap into those desires in your own life. 

“Our minds can’t see what our soul knows.” 

Welcome to episode 17 of The Femme Podcast!

This week we are so excited to bring you a conversation between Jak and Emma Tynan. Emma is a soul and business coach, psychic, and channel who leads women to activate their gifts so that they can share them with the wider world. She is both our client and our mentor. Our co-creation with Emma has been so powerful and today you’re going to get a chance to tune into her magic. 

“Existing at 110% of yourself requires you to know that the universe is within you.’” 

Welcome to episode 16 of The Femme Podcast!

Do you see other women and think they have it all - the perfect relationship, the growing business, the amazing social media following - and find all the reasons why they’re ‘different’ from you? Do you perceive these differences as the reason why they have “it all” and you don’t? 

If you struggle with this, then this episode is for you.