The Femme Podcast

“If it’s coming through you it’s meant for you”

Welcome to episode 47 of The Femme Podcast!

Listen to that voice that speaks from within you, align with it, and make a deep commitment to follow through on its call. This is the strategy will make you unstoppable. 

“We show up in a different level of power when we remember the power that we have.”

Welcome to episode 46 of The Femme Podcast!

Your personal self-expression is deeply impactful on the world. Every single time you use your voice, every single Instagram post you make, every single offer that you share…you have the opportunity to change someone. You are that powerful when you believe you are.

“Your next level of greatness lives where you are fully expressed”

Welcome to episode 45 of The Femme Podcast!

Here’s the truth: Not everyone will get you, but the people who are meant to get you will. They will naturally attune to your frequency when you show up fearlessly as your truest self. They will feel you, and they will find you. So, speak to them, even if you can’t see them yet. Expand your magnetism by owning your truth. Call them in. 

“Money puts us in an uncomfortable situation until we are in our power around money”

Welcome to episode 44 of The Femme Podcast!

Wild woman, are you ready to shift the money conversation in your relationship from a place of surviving to one of thriving? Then this episode is for you.

“Money is not drawn towards a woman who can’t say that she wants it.”

Welcome to episode 43 of The Femme Podcast!

Wild women, we have the power to upend the global paradigm of wealth. As powerful women with money in our hands, we will deconstruct systems that are no longer working. We will be the ones who put money in the hands of those who need it. We will rewrite the narrative around what it means to be rich. We will dismantle stereotypes by creating new ones.

“This is the equation we teach in the Femme world: Meet your edge. Expand into it. Receive.”

Welcome to episode 42 of The Femme Podcast!

This has been a week of quantum leaps. It has been a week filled with power and creation. This week we crossed the million dollar mark in our business for 2021, and we did it by breaking all of the rules, leading with our intuition, and having the most fun we’ve ever had selling! 

“I’m not willing to sacrifice what I desire because it would be more comfortable.”

Welcome to episode 41 of The Femme Podcast!

Today we invite you to step into the power and the meaning of CHOICE. This conversation will inspire you to own your bold choices with integrity and power - even if those choices come with challenges. 

“Your soul trusts like a motherf*cker”

Welcome to episode 40 of The Femme Podcast!

Experiencing quantum leaps takes quantum trust. It takes trusting like a mother f*cker. And embodying a level of trust beyond what your human can measure or quantify.

“Surrender to a place of trust”

Welcome to episode 38 of The Femme Podcast!

When all the manifesting in the world doesn’t lead you where you hope to be, it can be so hard to believe that the universe indeed has your back. So what do you do? In those moments you must surrender to trust. Trust, the universe has a plan for you that is bigger than you could ever imagine. 

“The less your life makes sense the more activated you will be.” 

Welcome to episode 37 of The Femme Podcast!

Are you taking radical self responsibility to activate yourself in your life? Are you owning your desires and taking steps to make them a reality? Or are you falling into the rhythm of monotony?

“There isn’t one right way to navigate this human experience” 

Welcome to episode 36 of The Femme Podcast!

This is an invitation to give yourself permission. Feel the way you feel called to feel. Move in the way you feel called to move. Release the judgements and expectations that you have for others. Release the shame and guilt that has built up inside of you, and embrace the calling that is coming from inside of you. 

“Change the role of the woman you are playing in your own life.” 

Welcome to episode 35 of The Femme Podcast!

As the season changes, we change with it. We look forward, we dream, and we embrace our desires for what the future holds.