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E76. Freedom to Rise

Posted by Robyn Savage on

Well ladies, it’s been a wild ride. 

We’re officially embarking on the evolution of our podcast, and it’s time to say goodbye to The Spiritual Smackdown.

This first season of our podcast has been a revolution in rising from the ashes together. It’s been such an incredible journey to share with you. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of this. 

As we transition to our new podcast season - complete with a new name and a new focus -  we want to look back on some of the mind blowing conversations that we’ve had with amazing guests. 

Are you feeling inspired by the badass women in this episode’s highlight reel? Check out their full episodes here! 

You Were Fucking Made For This with Brooklyn Vienneau

Desire Activates the Universe with Melanie Anne Layer 

Miracles in Unexpected Places with Lori Harder 

The Key to Alignment with Amy Elizabeth

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself with Jana Kingsford

Unf*ck Your Relationship with Money with Genevieve Rackham

Stay tuned and subscribed to this channel! Next week we are unveiling the new name and new journey that we’ll be taking you on, right in this spot. 

Get ready to rise - and rise - and rise. 

And don’t forget to join our community of badass women on Instagram @forthewildfemme “The darkness is a catalyst that propels us to our greatest self expression.”

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