E75. The Path of Evolution

As we wind down Spiritual Smackdown and prepare for our brand new season with a new vision, a new energy, and even a new name, we’re looking back on the incredible journey we’ve been on so far with this podcast! 

This week is dedicated to some of our favorite co-host moments, as we sit together in sisterhood and get real through laughter, stories, truth and wisdom. We can’t help but feel like these important conversations led us to the doorstep of the new podcast adventure that we’re about to embark on. So let’s take a moment and honor these moments and milestones that have brought us to today!

If any of these nuggets speak to you, check out the full episodes! 

Spiraling in the Shoulds 

The Good Fear 

From Little Girl to Grown Ass Woman 

What if Time Blew Your Mind 

Get Uncomfortable and Get Wild 

Pleasure as a Portal 

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