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E70. Going All In On The Unknown

Posted by Robyn Savage on

Sometimes you will find yourself in the thick of the unknown. 

For us, that time is now. 

Three months ago we made an epic decision - to spend the winter with our families on a beautiful estate in Costa Rica. We envisioned with deep desire what it would feel like to take this incredible adventure. We said ‘Yes!’ and we took the leap - all in the middle of a pandemic. 

Well, that decision has surely taken us on an adventure, but it’s not quite the one we expected. Today we’re getting real with you and sharing the journey we’re currently experiencing as we try to find a way to get to Costa Rica despite cancelled flights, closed borders, and a heavy fog of unknown. 

What do we do when the world tosses us into a state of complete unknown? 

We pivot. We pivot from amazing vision to amazing vision, staying in high vibes. 

Because here’s the truth - whatever comes our way next, it’s going to be an adventure. 

This is the mindset of women who embody their power, even when the path forward isn’t clear. 

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