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E67. What if time blew your mind.

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If you’d have told us six months ago what our lives would look like today, we never would have believed you. Change has been all around us in 2020: in the world, in our families, in our business - and today we’re taking some time to reflect. 

The fall equinox is an incredible time for all of us to pause and to take stock of the season that has now passed. In this episode we’ll share the massive transformations our lives have undergone in the last six months, and where we hope to go from here. 




We welcome you to join us in this exercise! Find a quiet place for yourself, grab a pen and paper, and take some time to journal on the following questions: 

  • What big things happened in my life in the last season? 
  • What am I going to carry forward with me? 
  • What am I going to release and leave in the season that has now passed? 

Now that you’ve reflected on your past six months, what are your dreams for the next six months? If you’re ready to harness the next six months in a transformative way, then we invite you to join us for Wednesdays @ 11 - a six month Mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to receive high level mentorship in community with other women rising in business. 

Members will receive a weekly coaching call on Wednesdays at 11am, a private facebook for mentorship, calibration and accountability, access to our Strategic Alignment Workbook, access to all of our 2020 recorded masterclasses, and more! 

CLICK HERE to get the full details!!!

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