E63. Radicalize Your Leadership

So often we’re told that leadership has to look a certain way. We’re shown narrow paths to walk in order to achieve success, and we’re told to carry ourselves in a specific way if we want to be taken seriously. 

But what happens if those ‘rules’ don’t align with how you truly feel called to lead? 

Well, then it’s time to break the rules. Because, guess what? There are no rules! 

It’s time to show up as the leader that youwant to be. 

In this episode we’re going deep into what it means to become a next level leader. To lead yourself in a way that no one else has ever led before. To lead despite critics saying that you’re doing it all the wrong. To lead fearlessly in the way that makes you come alive. 





Welcome to week three of our 3-part sneak peek into our immersion course,Radicalize Your Life. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite moments from Day 3: Radicalize Your Leadership. Through personal insights and valuable lessons, we’re sharing the paths that we have taken to evolve and thrive as leaders, especially those moments that have felt confusing, challenging, and risky. And we invite you to ask yourself: who do you want to be as a leader?

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