E61. Radicalize Your Vision

Are you ready to align with your vision? 

Not the vision that lies on the surface, but the one that lives deep down inside of you. The one that you might be too scared to voice. The one that you might not even know is there. 

Yes? Then let this episode start you on your journey. 




Last week we hostedRadicalize Your Life, our 3-day virtual immersion retreat. Each day we focused on providing deep guidance on how to radicalize three different aspects of your life: vision, leadership, and relationships. And for the next three weeks we’ll be giving you a sneak peek into that transformational work right here on the podcast. 

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite content from Day 1: Radicalize Your Vision. Through personal stories and nuggets of wisdom, you’ll begin to tap into your desires and access within yourself what it truly means to radicalize your vision. Even when your desires scare you, or feel too lofty to even be possible at all. It’s time to set down those fear and take the first steps toward the wild truth of your desires. 

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