E60. Trust in the Journey to Motherhood

If you’re on the journey to motherhood, this episode is for you. 

Our guest this week is Kelly Hackenburg, a badass former corporate boss babe and new mother with a budding mission to help women through the sometimes challenging journey of conceiving a child. 




Kelly’s journey to conceive a child was long, emotional, and transformational. She began with a masculine mindset, regimenting every detail in hopes that she could control the outcome. But after losing both of her fallopian tubes to multiple ectopic pregnancies and experiencing three failed IVF cycles, Kelly realized that she had no choice but to surrender. Kelly found it within herself to stop trying to ‘plan’ and simply relinquished control, trusting that the universe would provide. It was embracing this feminine flow that led her to a successful fourth IVF cycle, four years after she began! 

In this episode, Kelly gives excellent advice on how to emotionally approach getting pregnant. Plus, she’ll guide you on how to find the specific emotional support you’ll need while going through your fertility journey. 

Kelly graciously invites you to contact her directly if you need someone to talk to. Email her at kel.hackenburg@gmail.com 

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