E56. Queen Sacral

Today is all about The Queen. And by that we mean the Sacral Authority. If your human design is that of a Manifesting Generator or a Generator, then this Queen Sacral energy inside of you is the guiding force for your life. It is time for you to open yourself up to its call and embrace all of the wisdom that it has to offer.

In this episode we’ll guide you on how to tap into this animalistic and instinctual energy in a way that will lead to your ultimate satisfaction. Plus, we’ll provide techniques for balancing your Queen Sacral with the every day realities of schedules, responsibilities and boundaries.




Not a ManiGen or a Generator? This episode is also for you! Join us to receive tips on how to support the ManiGens and Generators in your life, including your children, romantic partners and business partners, to ensure that they feel safe and encouraged to lead their own lives from their sacral energy.

Are you a ManiGen or a Generator who doesn’t yet know how to connect with your sacral authority? Try these exercises:

* Get a friend to ask you 100 ‘Yes or No’ questions. Pay attention to the feeling within you that triggers when you answer.

* Flip a coin! When asking a yes or no question, flip a coin and feel the sensation within you that arises when the coin drops. Chances are, you will feel a strong positive or negative reaction to the outcome. That is your sacral energy communicating with you.

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