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E54. Choosing to Stay Open

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“The choice to stay open is choosing to act in alignment with love” 

This week someone asked us a surprising question: “Doesn’t it feel exhausting to choose to live with so much intention?”  

The answer is: Absolutely not! And in this episode we’re telling you why. 

It’s not the intention or the choice that feels hard. The hard part is the change that comes with it.  Yet, opening yourself up to change is the gateway to abundance, to knowing yourself, to rising up and becoming the woman you are destined to be. There might be difficulty on that journey of change, but it is oh so very worth it. 




Today we’re exploring the ways in which choosing to stay open has led to deeper intimacy and deeper impact in our own lives. Join us to learn how living with awareness and intention has strengthened our families, our relationships, and our commitments to ourselves. We get real about the growth we’ve gone through in our marriages, the hard choices we continue to make along the way, and how choosing to stay open is the key to becoming the women we want to be. 

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