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E53. Pleasure as a Portal

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Today we invite you to shift your perception. It’s time to view your life through the lens of pleasure. It’s time to rise up as the playful, intimate and sexy being that you were born to be. To embrace and luxuriate in all of the pleasures that life has to offer. 

Pleasure does not need to be earned. It is not a distraction. In fact, pleasure is your birthright, and all you have to do is grant yourself permission. 

Yet sometimes, that can be easier said than done. 

Many of us have cut ourselves off from pleasure, separated ourselves from our bodies, and we don’t know how to return. 




This episode is dedicated to that reclamation. We’ll help you identify the trigger points and limiting beliefs that are stopping you. We’ll equip you with the first important steps that you’ll need to take to fully embrace and express yourself in a way that not only lights you up, but also serves as an igniting ripple effect for everyone around you. 

Are you ready to open your portal to pleasure? If so, please join us for Femme Forward, our 14-day program beginning on June 26th. Femme Forward will allow you to sink into pleasure, to awaken the woman within, and to reacuqiant yourself with how to fully embody your womanhood. Tap into the divine sensation of being alive with us. Learn more here!

Is your body screaming ‘yes’?! DM us on Instagram @forthewildfemme or email for more information. 

Have you joined our private Facebook Group, Wild Femmes? Our incredible community is dedicated to helping you rise to the woman that you’re meant to be! 

Plus! Check out Pussy: A Reclamation for some truly pleasurable reading!

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