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E52. The Knock of Discomfort with Alia Francisco

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This week we welcome Alia Francisco, the founder of MOLO Baby, for an open and vulnerable discussion about how to foster an anti-racist, inclusive future within ourselves, our families, and our world. Alia is a mother of three, a doula + hypnobirthing specialist, a children’s yoga instructor, and an essential oils educator. We are honored to share this conversation with her. 




Systemic racism exists in our society in a vast myriad of ways, through both overt and covert actions and messaging. Alia shares the daily microaggressions that she experiences as a black woman and a mother; from historical erasure, to tokenism, to the lack of empowering media representation. These oppressive messages send the signal that growth and success are not achievable for the black community, and in this episode Alia shares how we must rise to the call to dismantle these damaging structures. 

As a mother, Alia believes that the long-enduring work of creating inclusivity begins at home. Alia shares useful insights into how to have conversations with children about race. She stresses the importance of dedicating yourself to fostering inclusivity and anti-racism within your home and community.

As we move forward we make this promise to you: We are dedicated to listening and learning, and to ensuring that these conversations continue in both the Wild Femmes community and in our own personal lives. Once you know, you can’t unknow; and we will continue to learn, unlearn, grow and rise. 

For more about Alia and Molobaby, connect with her on IG or visit Alia has shared some of her favorite books, organizations and content creators in order to help you continue your anti-racism education: 


“Policing Black Lives” - by Robyn Maynard
“Magical Negro” - by Morgan Parker


Children’s books: 

“The Undefeated” by Kwame Alexander | Kadir Nelson
“Be a King” by Carole Boston Weatherford


Local anti racism Foundations worth supporting:


Instagram creators:



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