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E49. Take Care of the Human with Dr. Rachel Yan

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This episode is a must listen for the female mind-body-soul entrepreneur! Get ready for a mindblowing conversation, because our Hypermind sister Dr. Rachel Yan is joining us today. 

Dr. Rachel Yan, DC, NTP, RWP is a leader in the fields of holistic nutrition, and functional medicine, and this week she’s here to set you on the path toward having a body that can keep up with your dreams. 

As women, we have expanded into leadership roles that have been historically held by men, and so often we’ve done this by blazing forward with masculine energy. Time and time again we’ve seen this lead to burnout, stress, and exhaustion. In this episode, Dr. Yan helps you understand why, and encourages you to not simply see yourself as ‘a miniature man’, but to connect with and nurture your feminine body’s true biological needs.  




You’ll learn the true definition of functional medicine, and how it so vastly differs from the emergency health care that currently exists in our societies. Dr. Yan explains the importance of hormones, and how something as simple as an iron deficiency can drastically limit your brain functionality. Finally, explore Dr. Yan’s dream for what she calls ‘abundance health care’, a future where we will be able to work with doctors to achieve not just baseline health, but optimal health. 

To learn more about Dr. Yan’s incredible programs, visit and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  

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