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E45. Heal Your Money Block

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Today we’re tackling a hard truth: Everyone, in some form or capacity, has a money block. 

Every time that you want to rise up to the next level of wealth, fear creeps in. Questions arise: Can I do that? Can I have that amount of money? Am I enough? 

The answer is YES! Yet, you first must heal your money blocks that are holding you back. 

Trust us, we’ve been there, and in this episode we’re sharing all of it with you. Learn how our own money stories held us back, and how life changing Aha! moments broke through our money blocks in a way that allowed us to reach new levels of wealth and freedom. 

And we want to help change your life, too. 




In Activate, you will learn how to step away from need and lack and how to step into your true desire realm. You no longer have to wait a year to make the amount of money you desire. You no longer have to wait 6 months to make the amount of money you desire. You can activate your wealthy mind in an instant. All you need to do to turn that on is to say ‘yes’. 

Interested? We are still accepting badass wild women for this 11-day live course. PLUS you’ll receive four bonus days of pre-work content to set you on strong footing as you enter the live activation. All of this is coming to you for $1,111. For more information, email us at or DM us @forthewildfemme on Instagram!

Get started now with our Day-1 bonus prompts:  

  • Where are you holding onto money, and why? 
  • Where are you hiding money? 
  • At what times do you feel guilty about spending money? 
  • When have you been in the place where you needed money? Or wanted money? 
  • When have you felt jealous or envious about money? 
If this resonates with you then there is no better week to join our private Facebook Group, Wild Femmes, at Our incredible community will be dedicated to helping you rise to the woman that you’re meant to be. Don’t forget to email us at or DM us @forthewildfemme on Instagram!

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