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E42. Lessons From Working Moms

Posted by Jaclyn Shaw on

There’s a common belief that in order to be a ‘good’ mom you must shift all of your attention, desire and energy onto your children. 

What if you believe the opposite? What if you believe that following your heart’s calling is not only acceptable, but necessary, to showing up as the best mom that you can be for your children? 

How would that change your life? 

This week we’re peeling back the curtain on the hard, messy, and deeply rewarding reality of working motherhood. We share our own struggles, successes and lessons in order to help you find the balance that you need to show up in your most authentic way as a mom. 




Are you a mother or future mother who desires to show up authentically?  Here are some tips: 

  • Allow it to look the way it must look, with motherhood at the foundation. It might be messy. And that’s okay. 
  • Work within the cracks of your day. You might not get long periods of alone time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have space in your day to dedicate to your growth. 
  • Work and motherhood can happen at the same time! Do your work with your kids present. Share your work with them and tell them why it lights you up. 
  • Create patterns and boundaries with your child to help them understand that you deserve time for yourself. 
  • Shift away from mom guilt toward seeing working motherhood as a gift! Think about what you are getting to teach your kids as you dedicate time and energy to your dreams! 
  • Stop comparing yourself to other moms.  

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