E41. Unf*ck Your Relationship With Money with Genevieve Rackham

This week we are so honored to be joined by the amazing money manifestation coach, Genevieve Rackham! Genevieve’s no nonsense approach to spirituality and manifestation is so refreshing and enlightening. In this episode we’re getting real about God, Money and Sex. (Yep, we’re tackling it all) 

Learn how Genevieve found her own unique spiritual path after some not so pleasant experiences within organized religion soured her perspective on God. Explore how Genevieve’s smackdowns surrounding money finally drew her away from a life-long view of financial lack to a place of abundance and desire. And hear why Genevieve believes that God wants us all to have abundance. Yet, like a radio station, we have to make the choice to tune in. 

Then, we’ll dive into desire and how you can begin to align yourself to the desires that lay within your heart. “It’s your job to get your mind behind your heart, not the other way around.” 




We invite you meditate on: 

  • The difference between what your mind thinks we need and what your heart knows it wants 
  • Why ‘ease’ and ‘easy’ do not mean the same thing 
  • The work you’ll need to do to get your mind on board with your heart’s truest desires. 

This is just a taste of Genevieve’s amazing perspective. For more, join herFacebook group and find her on Instagram@genevieverackham

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