E39. You Are a Leader

We have a truth to share with you today: You are a leader. 

Yes, You. And the world is waiting for you to step up, answer the call, and share your gifts.

We know that this might feel a little overwhelming. Fears might arise. Negative self talk might spring up. It will tell you that you aren’t ready, that you aren’t enough, that you don’t know enough. 

But you’re ready, and we’re here to help. 

This week is all about leadership, what it is, and why your leadership matters. We’ll touch on the fears that every woman has as they take their very first steps. We’ll talk about the different ways that you can choose to lead, and we’ll guide you to takeyour first step with meaningful thought exercises that will help you align with what leadership means to you. 




Are you feeling the call to lead but don’t know where to start? Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How do I like to be led? Identify the styles and characteristics of the leaders that you love in order to identify the leadership styles that resonate with you. 
  • If you weren’t worried about being judged, where would you lead right now? 
  • What’s holding you back? Where are you unwilling to go despite the fact that you’re feeling the call? 

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