E38. Finding Your Purpose From Rock Bottom

Your greatest challenges can set the path for your greatest growth. We know it. We’ve seen it. We’ve lived it. And this week we’re celebrating it. 

Jak has arrived at the four year anniversary of her life changing smackdown. And oh man has her growth been immense! This week we’re reflecting on the occasion by taking you back to one of our very first episodes: From Victim To Goddess.  

After ignoring the universe’s nudge for years, Jak was blindsided at three months pregnant when an affair rocked her marriage. Within it, she was left with a choice: follow the path of the victim or rise to the throne of the Goddess. 



Follow Jak’s journey as she pulled herself up off the floor and found her purpose during the hardest struggle of her life, finally accessing and embracing her vulnerable side in a heartfelt mission to save her marriage and share her story. Learn how mindfulness, boundaries and soul work became the bedrocks of her new life. 

Finally, challenge yourself to explore your own journey from victim to Goddess by looking inwards and asking yourself the hard questions:  

  • What hard choice can you make for yourself that will support you in your higher purpose? 
  • What nudge is the universe trying to give you that you have been ignoring? 
  • Where in your life are you playing the victim? 
  • Where in your life can you initiate your transformation from victim to goddess? 

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