E37. Revolutionize Your Relationships With Human Design

What if you knew how your partner was designed to communicate? Imagine the ease that would wash over your relationship. Imagine the time and energy that would be freed up. Energy that you could dedicate to making deeper and more authentic connections with your partner. 

Sounds good? Then it’s time to embrace human design. 

Avid listeners of the show know that we both love human design. It is incredibly powerful for both personal and business growth (check out that episode here!). Yet, the potential of human design does not stop there!  




In this episode we explore what can be achieved by learning the human design of your partners, children, and other loved ones. Join us for an eye-opening chat about how human design has allowed us expansive growth in our own relationships, as it opens a door of understanding on how our loved ones see and experience the world. From day-to-day interactions like choosing dinner, to big life choices like careers and lifestyle, knowing human design will help you understand your partner’s true authentic self. In knowing this, you can help create the best environment for you both to thrive. 

Are you craving to learn more about how you can have a deeper connection with your loved ones? Then join us for our Human Design Masterclass! This masterclass will teach you how to harness + utilize the natural energy and power that lives inside you. And will also show you where you absorb other people’s energy, and where conditioned beliefs/behaviours get imprinted on you. Click here to join us.

If you’re new to human design, visithttps://www.mybodygraph.com/free-bodygraph to get your personal chart (it’s free).

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