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E36. The Accidental Entrepreneur: Ashley Wray of Mala Collective

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This week we’re digging deep into heart-led transformational entrepreneurship with Ashley Wray, the founder of Mala Collective. Ashley’s story is amazing. After five years of working as a journalist covering murder trials (you read that right!), Ashley walked away from her career with no plan, an open heart, and a ticket to Bali in her hand. A chance encounter on that trip placed an opportunity in her path, and she chose to take it. Thus, the seed for Mala Collective was born. 


Yet, while the beginning of Mala Collective may have felt fortuitous, the reality of building and growing business was anything but. Get a peek behind the curtain as Ashley gets real about what it took to build her business, connect to the deep struggle that she faced with imposter syndrome, and learn how she changed her own self talk in order to build herself up instead of breaking herself down. 




Then, we tap into the self care that is at the heart of Mala Collective’s mission. Here are Ashley’s top tips to creating a consistent and positive meditation practice in your life: 

  • “It’s not ‘a perfect’, It’s ‘a practice’”: Ashley encourages you to embrace the fact that there is no ‘right way’ to meditate. Maybe you only have five minutes? Maybe your brain won’t shut up? That’s okay! Meet yourself where you’re at and give yourself the space to be with your breath. 
  • The human brain wanders constantly, so having a focal point is extremely helpful. Ashley uses her mala beads for this purpose, moving from bead to bead on each inhale and exhale. 
  • Be proactive in your self care practice! By ensuring that you’re feeding your needs when things are good in your life, you will more easily be able to handle the rough spots. 

Ashley has been gracious enough to offer our listeners 20% off their total order at Mala Collective. Simply visit and use the promo code: FEMME20. Follow Mala Collective on Instagram @malacollective

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