E35. The Let Go Journal

“How can I let go of everything that’s not serving me in order to make space for the true beauty that I really desire to have in my life?”

This was a question that Robyn asked herself in the midst of a life changing trip to the Philippines! It was a question that truly changed Robyn’s life. The result was The Let Go Journal, an 11-day experience in which she led herself through an epic journey of release. 

Now, Robyn and Jak are ready to share that same experience within the 11-day live courseLet Go

Are you ready to Let Go? Do you have the willingness to look at every area of your life in pursuit of surrender and release? If your answer is yes, we can’t wait to guide you through your journey. 




This is some of the deepest and most vulnerable work that we do, so we are only offering this course our intimate private community. If you’re feeling the call to Let Go, join our Facebook group Wild Femmes. Only there will you get exclusive insights into what to expect from the Let Go journey. 

As you contemplate the choice of letting go, ask yourself: What is one thing that you are not willing to let go of right now? Bring that thing into your awareness, and just know that youare safe without it. You are safe when you decide that it is time to release it into the world. You are safe to let it go.  

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