E33. Mastermind: The Collective Genius

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This week we dive into one of your frequently asked questions: What is a mastermind? 

Join us for a sneak peek into the world of mastermind coaching. Learn why we love them, explore the myriad of masterminds styles available, and get guidance on how to find the best fit to maximize your personal and professional growth. 

Simply put, a Mastermind is a peer-to-peer coaching program with a dedicated leader. You’ll meet on a consistent basis with your leader and a collection of other female leaders in a space that provides you not just with coaching, but with insight from the group as a whole. It’s that community-style input that sets Masterminds apart in a life changing way. Learn from other women who have chosen to walk the same path as you. Take a peek behind the curtain of their greatness to learn that they too have struggles, insecurities, and hard earned lessons. Feel supported by a unique community of badass women, all of whom share your fears, but have chosen (just like you!) to do it anyway. 





If you’re ready for this kind of rapid growth in 2020, we invite you to join us! Both of our Masterminds, Uplevel:The Wealthymind and Stripped, are here waiting for you.  

Stripped is a weekly Mastermind geared toward your extended growth throughout 2020. Let this year-long commitment serve as your catalyst to take the leap into aligned expansion, so that your business can stop feeling disconnected and start feeling good.  

UPLevel: The Wealthymind takes things one step further: offering you both Mastermind and 1:1 coaching calls! That’s 4 coaching sessions a month → two 1:1s (one with Robyn and one with Jak) + two group Mastermind calls. PLUS a group chat, where you get access to both of us, plus the other female leaders in UPlevel 24/7. In UPlevel the Wealthymind you calibrate your energy to match the women you’re surrounded with and you step beyond the income level you thought you were capable of. UPLevel will teach you to collapse time to reach your new reality → 20k months, 40k months, 100k months!

For more information on any of our programs, email us at rise@forthewildfemme.com or DM on Instagram @forthewildfemme.

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