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E31. Own Your Emotions

Posted by Jaclyn Shaw on

“The most incredible thing you can do for your emotions is to let them move.”

We know it’s hard to make space for emotions. There’s so much to do in a day. So many things calling our attention. Responsibilities, commitments and calendar events all seem to make us believe that we should push down our emotions until we ‘have time’ to deal with them. That choice, though, can only hurt us. It can breed anger, resentment, disease and pain. It can rob us of our pleasure and focus. We believe there is a better way. 

In this episode, Robyn will share with you what she had learned from letting her emotions lead. Join us as she bares her soul after a whirlwind weekend spent marking the 22nd anniversary of her mother’s passing. Learn how Robyn made space for her needs in order to allow the emotions to move through her, and how she followed her hearts call through the grief step by step. Finally, hear the words that came straight from the core of her being during those days in an essay filled with grief, hope and light. 




Then, we’ll shift our focus to the future as we invite you to join us on our 365 day challenge. Explore why consistent action is the key to life changing growth. We encourage you to think about your goals, pinpoint a small change that you could make every day in pursuit of that goal, and commit to making that small change every day in 2020. 

Are you ready to take the challenge? Tell us what YOU’RE going to tackle for the 365 Day Challenge by hitting us up on Instagram @forthewildfemme!

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