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E30. Choose Your Momentum

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Welcome to 2020, Wild Femmes! 

We’re sure that you’re being bombarded with messages about setting your resolutions and jump starting your year, but we’re going to ask you to do something just a little bit different. Take a minute out of your busy day, take a deep breath, and reflect: 

What worked in 2019? What didn’t work? And what are you going to do differently in 2020 in order to level up to the woman that you desire to be? The lessons that you learned in 2019 happened for a reason, and it’s crucial to integrate them as you chart your path forward in 2020. 

Not sure where to start? Not to worry! We’ll go first. Join us as we break down our business journey throughout 2019. We’ll talk about our successes, our failures, our lessons and our growth, and we’ll detail how our willingness to reflect and be accountable delivered us to the doorstep of 2020 in a way that has us feeling ignited and aligned! 




Then, we’ll explore how you can make both small and big changes in your life using a concept that we call the ‘Two Millimeter Shift’. Using this mindful experience, you’ll be able to isolate the behavior that you want to change, shift that behavior in a direction that feels more aligned, and mindfully monitor how that new behavior is serving you. 

Is this feeling good? Do you want more? We’d love to have you join us this year for The SHIFT! The Shift is 12 - months of programs, courses and masterclasses that is going to serve as your guiding hand through 2020. Take the leap and commit to your aligned expansion, so that your business can stop feeling disconnected and start feeling good.  For more information, email us at or DM on Instagram @forthewildfemme.

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